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LabourList – who is in charge?

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Have the unions launched a bloodless coup?

For the past week or so my daily email from Draper’s devalued blog has bore the title and used the banner above, whilst the “About” page continues to tell us that LabourList is still edited by Derek “Dolly” Draper assisted by Alex Smith and Tom Miller, the front page tells us that it is currently “guest edited” by Johanna Baxter, National Officer for Connect. Draper, Mandelson, Johson, et al have all disappeared from the list of contributors, in fact there are no government honchos in there at all.

Are things so bad in the movement that the unions have launched a bloodless coup and killed off the Labour Party’s favoured mouthpiece?


They are worried now about what to do with LabourList, and it certainly looks as looks as though the old guard has been pushed to one side as this later post shows.

LabourList would still need a day-to-day editor, but they could now work with all parts of the Party to collate articles and comment pieces, providing a forum to debate opposing arguments and views. With support and oversight from the various socialist societies and organisations who hold a stake in the future of the Labour Party, LabourList can ensure that everyone is represented.

To understand and develop our ideas, they need to be shared with critical friends. By debating together on a new LabourList and challenging one another’s’ ideas, socialists and social democrats will no doubt find the common ground on which we all stand.

So let’s dispense with Derek’s twitterings and psychotherapy links, and encourage a truly independent party-supporting site, where NEC reps can report back to members and where CLPs can find an audience for their proposals. This website can be an important tool in our electoral and policy fight with the Tories – we shouldn’t junk it on a whim.

(Please note my emphasis)

It certainly looks to me as though LabourLost has been taken from the spin doctors by the paymasters (the trades unions) who intend to either use it as a tool to help get the party back in order, or to scrap the site completely if it fails to relaunch as a mass movement blog.


Draper has gone from LabourLost. (07/05/09)

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Written by curly

May 5, 2009 at 12:31 pm

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  2. where NEC reps can report back to members and where CLPs can find an audience for their proposals…

    Sounds thrilling. I’ll cancel Iain Dale and set up a subscription to this. Its always important to know when the EU ruling on ‘current specification for workplace chronometers and digital calendars’ is likely to take effect.

    Bill Quango MP

    May 5, 2009 at 8:32 pm

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