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The Speaker needs to stand down

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Why Michael Martin is NOT the man for the future

First let us remind ourselves of how he attempted to sweep the expenses scandal under the carpet and even have police investigate the leak of information which the country is now rightly angered about, and which most are thankful for.


Now let us look at how angry MPs were yesterday when once again he proved to be the obstacle in a movement for change, change which many MPs now recognise is absolutely necessary.

Labour MP Kerry McCarthy says in her blog yesterday:

Was in the Chamber for the Speaker’s statement, which I suspect will do little to address the current turmoil. I was rather surprised that he didn’t seem to know the status of Douglas Carswell’s motion of no confidence, calling it an early day motion, and then having to check with the clerks whether it was indeed a substantive motion before confirming that it was actually one of the ‘remaining orders of the day’. He then had to check again with the clerks how or if it could ever become a substantive motion, which would mean it gets debated in the main Chamber and voted upon. I’d have thought he’d have been briefed on all that before coming before the House.


Putting aside much of the criticisms made about Michael Martin over the years that he has chaired Parliament, it is fair to say now that his past record is of little concern, the important point to make is that he is not the right man for the future.

He ought to be fired!



The Speaker is to make an announcement about his resignation at 2:30 pm today, I hope he does not intend to stay for the length of this Parliament as that would keep the wrong man in the chair whilst reforms are enacted.

Update No. 2

His Glasgow seat could go to his son, who already sits in the Scottish Parliament. Would they really try such a thing?

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Written by curly

May 19, 2009 at 9:41 am

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