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Brown fears defeat

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gordon brownCameron challenges him to call an election

I thought that David Cameron caused quite a few problems for Gordon Brown at PMQs today, by calling for an immediate general election to go with a new Speaker he is resonating what many in the public want – a fresh start. Unfortunately Gordon does not agree abd decided that any election now would cause chaos.

Chaos? What is so chaotic about the idea of allowing the people of the UK a chance to have the final say on the state of the “rotten Parliament”, the the rotten government plagued by spin merchants and smear campaigns, and the rotting economy that is in deep recession, deep deep debt, and suffering deflation after Brown has mortgaged away our future? Brown’s response was telling, he fears defeat and alluded to that fact by expressing fears about a Conservative government. It was a major strategic error by the Prime Minister revealing the real fears that are being expressed in the Downing Street bunker, and with only a year left before he is forced to allow us a say it is difficult not to conclude that he is now in full panic mode.

Nick Robinson hit the nail on the head once again when he said today:

The prime minister’s reply was that he was referring to the chaos caused by a Conservative victory – thus appearing to suggest that he will not permit the electorate a vote because they might choose to change governments. Mr Brown did go on to spell out the reasons he should have given for not going to the polls: namely, that this Parliament should sort out the current political and economic mess – but it was too late to stop the Tories claiming that he’s running scared of the voters.

Only a fresh Parliament operating under fresh rules with a fresh mandate can begin to sort out the mess and regain the confidence of the public, Cameron has taken the lead with his determination to root out the most greedy of Conservative MPs whilst Brown threatens to remove those who have “broken the rules”, trouble is (and we all know it) they have all claimed their expenses within the rules, so just exactly how many MPs or ministers was Gordon referring to?

Listen to the unelected nutter with a stutter drone on and on with his lies about Tory cuts, the truth is the Conservatives propose to carry on increasing public spending, just not at the same rate as Labour.


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Written by curly

May 20, 2009 at 7:15 pm

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