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UN and the war of words

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North Korea and the UN

North Korea thumbs it’s nose at the international community

North Korea announced today that it is to abandon the armistice which for more than 50 years has held together a fragile peace with South Korea, amid increasing military activity on the peninsula.

I begin to wonder whether The Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea (North Korea) and Iran are doing the right thing, as far as they are concerned, they both know that the United Nations will do little except talk, talk, talk, and pass further meaningless strongly worded resolutions. Gordon Brown and David Miliband, the South Shields MP and Foreign Secretary continue to tread the weary line of condemnation, Miliband said yesterday:

“I condemn North Korea’s nuclear test in the strongest terms as erroneous, misguided and a danger to the world. This act will undermine prospects for peace on the Korean peninsula and will do nothing for North Korea’s security,” he said, adding the international community will treat North Korea as a partner if it behaves responsibly. “If it does not, then it can expect only renewed isolation.”

Many in the international community see the North Koreans and their leader Kin Jong-il as being like a petulant three year old child looking for some respect, trouble is this petulant child is screaming and bawling, threatening war on it’s neighbour, and it looks as though it has some very dangerous toys to throw out of the pram!

It seems to me that they are willing to thumb their nose at world opinion and provide (along with Iran) a severe test of America’s new President Barack Hussein Obama who must now decide whether pressing for further isolation will produce any tangible results for a nation prepared to press it’s own citizens closer to starvation as it pursues it’s goals of building a nuclear arsenal.

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Written by curly

May 27, 2009 at 12:38 pm

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