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Stephen Hepburn MP

Jarrow MP Stephen Hepburn looking happy with the options

British pubs in decline as MPs waistlines bulge

So a third of the price of every pint that I buy in South Shields goes to the Treasury who in turn hand it out to MPs, already of considerable girth, in order to feed themselves at my expense, probably in one of the numerous eateries and bars dotted around Westminster and heavily subsidised by the humble tax payer again. Is it any wonder that you hardly ever see a male member measuring just 30″ around the middle? (Ahem…) Nor indeed are there many female members in the sizes 6 – 10 range, and many of them appear to be replicating the figure of an overfed breed of English dog.

It’s bad enough that pubs are closing at an horrendous rate because of high prices, high taxes, and in my opinion the smoking ban too, but have you noticed (after perusing Old Holborn’s post) that Members of Parliament don’t have to suffer these privations when at work, their bars and eateries are subsidised to cushion the blow, and they even have their own Members Smoking Room where they can carry on as before without a care in the world, one rule for us and, erm another for them. Amazing isn’t it?

No wonder the British pub is in trouble, half of our MPs (half?) must be tempted to stay inside the Palace of Westminster cosseted away from a very angry public and immune to the reality of everyday life. Another odd thing which might get under your skin, Jarrow’s MP Stephen Hepburn manages to get through almost £400 worth of free food every month in this huge subsidised House of Hansel and Grettel, and he isn’t even exceptional, while some families barely have that much to feed mother, father, and three children, thanks to the economic successes of Gordon Brown and Alastair Darling, little wonder that the husband cannot be bothered to nip out to the pub on a Friday night to cough up £2.40 for a pint of beer and give 80p of it to troughing MPs.

Can you tell me which other jobs and walks of life give you subsidised food and drink all day long and then allow you to claim for your food bills after work too?

So next time Mr. Hepburn is quaffing a pint of his (cheap as chips subsidised) usual in Annie’s Bar, perhaps he should think of the number of ex bars that there are in Jarrow which have now been converted into creches and curry houses, or are standing empty waiting for someone to take the high risk of operating them in today’s economic and fiscal climate. It won’t be long before they are joined by a few more.

Axe the Beer Tax

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Written by curly

May 30, 2009 at 9:57 am

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