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Alastair darling

New coffee table “lifestyle” book

Bloody Scottish cheapskate couldn’t even use a publisher that binds them properly!

However as one of those fully illustrated “Hello” styled pick me ups for those with little time or money to invest, the Chancellor’s book is a revelation, lavishly decorated by top architectural photographers we get to see the sumptuous styles of apartments, flats, town houses, and grace and favour homes favoured by Labour’s spendthrift Chancellor of the Exchequer. In a frank expose he tells us how he saved thousands of pounds on property deals, service charges,  rents, stamp duty,accountants, and furniture and fittings. The book is full of comprehensive money saving ideas for the budding property developer with an interest in building a portfolio fast! Available in all good High Street newsagents.

Having reviewed the book, have you ever wondered why it is that so many Tory MPs are falling like flies over the expenses scandals yet Labour’s Ministers and members of the government are still in post?

Don’t get me wrong, I know that a number of Conservative MPs, David Cameron, and members of the Shadow Cabinet have been “fingered” by the Telegraph too, but at least we are starting to see David Cameron showing a firm lead and already a number of resignations from the Tory benches are pending, with many unlikely to contest the next election. Gordon Brown has uttered some mealy mouthed words about reforms to the system but he’s way behind the curve, a couple of suspensions and a couple of impending resignations, but how can he claim to be the leader ready to clean up Parliament if he hasn’t got his own house in order first?

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