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PM under fire on expenses

On Gordon Brown’s interview with Evan Davies

He says ‘if someone is on trial for fraud’ then they are ‘likely’ to have been ’suspended from the party’ and not be a candidate……likely? How likely exactly? ‘Likely’ implies that they could possibly still be standing as a candidate – in which case it is even more ‘likely’ that the voters will have lost patience and the candidates are even more ‘likely’ to be suspended, not from the party, but from the nearest lamp post.

Asked about Margaret Moran and whether she has the authority to represent her constituents, he says ‘ she is going through a due process by the authorities in the Labour party’ – what Gordon? Your Presbyterian conscience is salved by the idea of fraudsters judging other fraudsters? Are we not taking the Magna Carta’s  ‘judged by your peers’ a little far here? He says he has wanted to reform the system for years, but couldn’t, ‘because it was a matter traditionally left to Parliament – not the government’……..isn’t that what an Early Day motion is for Gordon? In 26 years you never thought to bring one yourself, to suggest to the Government that they debated reform of MPs expenses? What about last July, when Jacqui Smith, Margaret Beckett et al, voted down suggestions for reform? Or January, when Harriet Harman proposed excluding MPs expenses from the Freedom of Information Act? You were the Prime Minister for God’s sake, you have absolute privilege in the House of Commons, why didn’t you speak up? What were we paying you for as an MP? What were we paying you for as Prime Minister? Where was your compass pointing all that time?

And there is plenty more to read in this corruscating attack from Anna Racoon.

The sooner he is “suspended” the better.

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Written by curly

June 2, 2009 at 1:07 pm

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