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There are elections today

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Just a reminder

There is an important EU election taking place today, not that you’d know it of course with the news agenda being dominated by the impending death of Gordon Brown’s government and the plots to remove him from Downing Street, and it is important. I’m reminded of a recent post that I saw in the Civil Liberties blog which showed how the workload in our own Parliament is gradually decreasing, it’s just a shame that James failed to point out that around 75% of the laws, rules, and regulations which affect our daily lives are now made in the EU by faceless bureaucrats.

I’m also reminded of these sage words:

Friends, anonymous visitors, and cordial foes…

We’re many of us going to be busy tomorrow hoping that we’re doing the least bad thing.

Lest we despair and stay at home, let’s remember the rude fellows and madmen who bought those pencil Xs we can choose to use or squander. They paid with their hearts’ blood and their widows’ tears, or else were Suffragettes and starved for their share and their daughters who wore this country’s uniform to keep those X’s real. Left or Right, they didn’t seem to mind.

Let’s also remember the neighbours who’ll be missing from our home-towns tomorrow because they’re keeping up the payments in the dust and the sand and the hills, because freedom is always rented and never owned freehold.

Though we are not well led, we should do the best we can to follow those absent friends with gratitude.

Vote proudly for their sake, if nothing else.

Lifted shamelessly in its entirety from here.

So as you go about your daily business in South Tyneside remember to pop into your local polling station and wear down some pencil lead.

Remember, the Labour Party promised us a referendum on the European Constitution Lisbon Treaty, then they reneged on that promise. They deserve a good kicking just for that!

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Written by curly

June 4, 2009 at 10:35 am

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