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David Miliband is spineless

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david milibandSouth Shields MP is out of touch with public and party mood

There was speculation last night that David Miliband would resign from the cabinet today but a source close to the Foreign Secretary rejected this and said Miliband did not agree with Purnell’s decision.


We an all see that the game is up, Purnell has openly challenged the hapless Prime Minister and told him bluntly that Labour cannot win the next election under his leadership, four other ministers have resigned this week and we wait to see whose noses will be put out of joint during today’s Cabinet reshuffle, and even this task has become largely self fulfilling with little that Brown can do to influence his own decisions.

On Purnell’s late night resignation Nick Robinson the BBC’s Political Editor nailed it by saying:

There is no code, no nudge or wink but one of the Labour Party’s rising stars is now publicly telling the prime minister that he is the problem, that he will stop the Labour party winning the next election and that he will ensure a Conservative victory. Mr Purnell, a former adviser and a current friend of Tony Blair’s, has acted with the ruthlessness of his mentor.

He is telling the rest of the Labour party that they should now stop their private chats and make their minds up about Gordon Brown’s leadership.

He is another who singled out David Miliband’s apparent lack of courage in backing his friend Purnell, the South Shields MP and Foreign Secretary had a good chance a year ago to challenge Brown over his position but metaphorically wet his pants after the McBride team moved against him. He demonstrates his weaknesses again this week with early nudges and winks that he will stay at the Foreign Office, and intimations that he is in no mood to join the rush to leave Brown behind. He is supine, spineless, and malleable, driven not by what ought to be seen as good for the country or even good for the Labour Party but by what will ultimately be good for David Miliband, and that is the prospect of hanging on to a Cabinet Minister’s salary and grace and favour apartment.

He is no Brute!

Meanwhile, yesterday the country was delivering a verdict of sorts on the government, politics, expenses, and venal politicians, early results suggest a massive swing from Labour to the Conservatives, with the first three councils having declared, Labour has lost 23 seats and the Conservatives have gained 18 of them, it is highly unlikely that Labour will control ANY county councils by the end of today.

The public mood darkens as the Prime Minister obstinately refuses to budge, he plays politics with his remaining friends in Whitehall, Darling’s refusal to move out of the Treasury has Ball’s hands of the levers of inluence, and Johnson’s appointment as Home Secretary may just be a shrewd move to keep him quiet for a little while (although it is understood that a “team” is already working on his behalf behind the scenes), Miliband has missed the boat, if he remains at the Foreign Office he will be tied to and sullied by the reputation of Brown as the ship sinks further below the waves. If he is to grow a spine, it will happen during Labour’s long years in opposition as he struggles to outmanoeuvre Alan Johnson for the vacant party leadership – but somehow I cannot see him even doing that.

Update 19:24

One or two other bloggers expressing agreement with my view on David Miliband

Red Box – Dissolutioned Blairites round on Miliband.

David Miliband has never shown any political risk. He’s never attempted to take any risk….

Coffee House – Why Purnell resigned.

It’s an open secret that Purnell supported David Miliband for the leadership last summer. And, in this context, reports of Miliband’s resignation, expected tomorrow, made sense – it would have been four Cabinet resignations in four days. But Miliband has apparently denied it – to quit now, and choose the wilderness, takes a certain sort of courage. As Miliband showed us last summer, he doesn’t have it.

Nick Robinson – Three extraordinary personal decisions

Three extraordinary personal decisions have shored up Gordon Brown’s position as prime minister.

David Miliband’s call late last night condemning the resignation of his close friend and ally James Purnell and to back the man who he contemplated toppling a year ago.

Many Labour backbenchers who were ready to call for a change of leader will now be asking themselves: “If they’re not willing to act to end this, why should I?”

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Written by curly

June 5, 2009 at 9:39 am

2 Responses

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  1. Miliband will never be leader of the Labour Party. He missed his chance at the party conference and now he is doomed to be a bit-part-player.

    Letters From A Tory

    June 5, 2009 at 9:51 am

  2. I told people seven years ago – his arse is full of spelks from sitting on the fence.

    big billy from Jarra

    June 6, 2009 at 9:51 am

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