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Kavanagh nails Brown’s government.

The PM is punch-drunk and paralysed. He survived last week’s parade of resignations, sackings and hissy fits but what is left?

A dysfunctional Cabinet of cowards, liars and hypocrites . . . leading a government of spivs, cheats and chancers.

Following  a few visits from News International’s servers showing in the logs after this post, I was not at all surprised to find the man from The Sun was wielding a very sharp knife and a ball pein hammer as he headed towards Westminster, and very eloquent he was too as he nailed Brown and his government. Stuffed like a Norwegian Blue, although I had seen the analogy on another blog somewhere, it is always rib tickling to recall the Monty Python classic. Anyway it was good to see another writer agreeing that The Prince of Darkness has installed himself as the Lord High Everything, Chairman of the People’s Council, Regent to the Son of the Manse, and Lord High Executioner too.

Brown has been wheeled out to listen to Kinnock entertaining the troops tonight, his stuffed corpse will be periodically pushed in front of the TV cameras to drone to the nation as Mandelson plans how he can “get on with the job”, and throw his voice our way while pulling Gordon’s strings and doing “whatever is necessary”. Somehow he intends this government of the living dead to limp through until 2010 before arranging a State funeral, a final hurrah at the polls, then bringing another dummy out of the suitcase to take Brown’s place and dance at the despatch box, but this time from the other side.

If you were expecting a different outcome then I’m sorry to disappoint, and for all that David Cameron and Nick Clegg might like to call for an election now (and it is a very popular call) they don’t really mean it. They’d prefer a stuffed Brown dragging Labour’s ratings even lower – anyday. Trouble is, Labour MPs cannot see it, they fear too much about losing their seats in a hurried fashion and cannot contemplate the thought of a new squeaky clean Parliament where the expenses tap is turned off and welded shut. So talk of political assassinations may make exciting news copy right now, but unfortunately the Parliamentary Labour Party couldn’t organise the proverbially piss up in a brewery, even if the drinks are on us!

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Written by curly

June 8, 2009 at 9:16 pm

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  1. No one wants a general election right now – except perhaps the public, and they don’t really know what they’d vote for (only what they’d vote against).

    On the Money

    June 8, 2009 at 10:57 pm

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