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Cuts, what cuts?

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Fraser Nelson “nails” Gordon Brown on spending plans.

I didn’t want to let this one pass, I’d watched Brown’s press conference live on TV last Friday but have struggled to find the time to look for this video clip. Spectator and News of the World writer Fraser Nelson really nails Gordon on the lie about spending cuts, he goes straight for the jugular and exposes Brown’s financial plans, we all know that public spending urgently needs to be controlled and whilst David Cameron makes the point that a future Conservative government will still allow public spending to grow, it will not grow at anything like the rate that it has under Labour. Brown, Mandelson, Darling, and South Shields MP David Miliband all insist on hectoring about “Tory Cuts” and the damage that will occur, after all it’s not as though Labour are planning any is it?

Just like the lies that Brown spewed out when he was questioned about his intention to move Alastair Darling out of the Treasury and replace him with Ed Balls, he squirmed under Nelson’s assault and then attempted to bully him into silence.

Now you know why Irene Lucas is desperately pushing for the Learning and Skills Council to release the cash for the new South Tyneside College. Has it become one of the first casualties of Labour’s twelve years of profligacy? We all know that every Labour Chancellor has eventually ran out of cash!

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  1. […] centres, as against Labour’s plans to keep investing, he is lying through his teeth. Go back to this video and watch it again, it is painfully obvious that he wished that Fraser Nelson wasn’t a […]

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