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Labour to blame for BNP successes

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Gordon Brown

Alastair Darling accepts blame on behalf of government

The Chancellor Alastair Darling and Labour’s Deputy Leader Harriet Harman have both accepted that Labour’s demise has played perfectly into the hands of the BNP and handed them the success that they achieved in the EU Parliamentary election last Thursday. It is patently obvious that the extreme left nationalist socialist party picked off votes from badly disaffected and demoralised former Labour supporters in their heartlands in the north, where the Labour Party had spent so long long “talking up” the possibility of BNP gains over the past month. The government’s dismal failure to connect with it’s own natural supporters was the catalyst for a total collapse in Labour’s fortunes as supporters either stayed at home or defected to the extremists.

The lower than normal turnout amplified the the percentage share for the BNP resulting in the winning of two seats in the EU Parliament.

Darling said:

“People felt disillusioned with us and didn’t vote for us. That’s our fault. We should be able to inspire confidence”

whilst Harman added that the BNP result was “horrific” but admitted it was partly down to Labour’s collapse in its heartlands.

David Cameron the Conservative leader has said:

“It sickens me and it should sicken everybody here that the British National Party has succeeded in these European elections.

“It brings shame on us that these fascist, racist thugs have been elected to the European Parliament.”

However, the blame for this electoral aberration lies partly with the system of proportional representation in use for the EU elections, which hands out seats to those who gain a relatively small proportion of the votes cast, and in a larger part with the failure of the Labour Party to get it’s vote out. Additionally it did not help that party organisers allowed the Prime Minister to be photographed in that school with a swastika behind him. Conservative Euro MEP Dan Hannan says in his blog:

“In the final week of the campaign, Labour had fallen back on just one argument: “Vote for us to stop the BNP”. Sadly, Labour politicians are now so detested that this argument had precisely the opposite effect of the one intended.”

It is of some concern that over 52000 people voted for the extreme socialist BNP in the north east region (8.9%), thankfully they did not gain a seat, yet in the north west region they won a seat with only 8.0% of the vote! Now of course, they stand to gain almost £1m of tax payers’ cash to help them out.

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Written by curly

June 9, 2009 at 10:02 am

3 Responses

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  1. Proportional representation is just an ungainly phrase that means “you get what you vote for.”

    When you have a fair voting system and you vote for nazis, you get nazis. Rigging the voting system won’t make them go away.

    The BNP also elected three local councillors under first-past-the-post. Should we just abolish voting altogether?

    Wayne Smith

    June 10, 2009 at 9:22 am

  2. In the bigger scheme of things, you have to be thankful that they only managed to win three wards in the whole of England under first past the post, it puts the EU wins into perspective.

    If the EU election was first past the post, we wouldn’t be having these debates about them.


    June 10, 2009 at 9:40 am

  3. not all labour past supporters voted bnp thousands did not vote at all,thousands voted bnp as they did at the last elections,it,s not a new party,its one that people want and vote for,its the only party that will put england back to where our forebears would expect it to be after giving their lives in the last world war,most politicians of today did,nt go through that era or they might have more respect for what england means and wants.


    June 10, 2009 at 8:27 pm

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