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Brown offers a referendum

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Electoral reform now on the agenda

Here we go again, tying his hardest to deflect our thoughts away from the ghastly economic situation, the parlous state of Labour’s fortunes, and the hoplessness at the heart of government. You will note that Brown is quite prepared to offer a referendum on electoral reform but not on on the EU Constitution Lisbon Treaty as he looks for ways to be appearing to be doing something, anything, to take our minds off his bloody awful government.

Some are warning already of an attempt to gerrymander and keep the Conservatives out of power for generations as an alternative voting system throws many more seats towards everyone’s second choice, the Lib-Dems, but the harsh reality is that this administration has only twelve months left before they must face the electorate in a general election, hardly any time at all to hold those important nationwide consultations, draft the legislation, write the Bill, and have it fully debated through both House of Parliament. Once again the Prime Minister is blustering and pulling the wool over our eyes in a pathetic attempt to convince us that he is doing what we all really want, that is, to see him “getting on with the job”. Trouble is – we don’t, and he knows it.

All he is offering is a debate held behind a smokescreen that will take our attention away from the next disaster that he will walk us into. I wish he would realise that the best reform that the House of Commons could undergo at present will come in the form of a general election that would sweep out so many of the current batch of troughing MPs and present us with the opportunity to rebuild with men and women who have not been tainted with the scandals of the past.

If Brown’s meddlings with the system were to produce a perpetual Lab/Lib-Dem coalition then I would have to agree with Archbishop Cranmer who this morning warns that NuLabour could be the only government in the history of democracy to extinguish even the light at the end of the tunnel.

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Written by curly

June 11, 2009 at 11:10 am

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