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Crunching some EU vote numbers

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Jury Team failed to inspire

I was just reading at Croydonion’s place his analysis of some EU voting numbers relating to the smaller parties last week, and learned one odd thing that I was not aware of, Gibraltar is part of the UK’s South West Region – odd, but there you are.

“Jury Team failed dismally in Gib” he said, which prompted me to head over to the BBC to see exactly how badly they had faired across the UK:

  • Nationally 16th. place          78569 votes          0.5%
  • East Midlands 13th. place           7362 votes          0.6%
  • East of England 15th. place           6354 votes          0.4%
  • London 13th. place          7284 votes          0.4%
  • North East 12th. place          2904 votes          0.5%
  • North West 11th. place          8783 votes          0.5%
  • Scotland 13th. place         6257 votes          0.6%
  • South East 13th. place        14172 votes          0.6%
  • South West 14th. place          5758 votes          0.4%
  • Wales 11th. place          3793 votes          0.6%
  • West Midlands 11th. place          8721 votes           0.6%
  • Yorks and Humber 11th. place          7181 votes           0.6%

Our own man from South Tyneside, the Independent Alliance councillor Ahmed Khan (who doesn’t claim a penny in expenses) was the Jury Team’s first placed candidate on their list and as you can see in the North East Region (from Teesside to Berwick) they managed to scrape together 2904 votes, the lowest achievement on their ticket in the whole of the UK. Cllr. Khan’s Jury Team votes in South Tyneside at 548 were 840 fewer than he received in his own Beacon and Bents ward in 2008, and the 2904 votes he received in the whole region were only 840 more than his colleague Cllr. Jane Branley received in her single South Shields Westoe ward in 2007, not exactly a blazing success story. The planned invasion of Europe hardly got out of the starting blocks.

There have been no updates to the Jury Team’s website or blog since before the EU election, indeed no reaction to their electoral debut, and it remains to be seen whether the outfit financed by former Tory Party donor Sir Paul Judge will carry on with their plans to fight at the next general election. This little acorn may well have fallen on stony ground!

However he can console himself in knowing, as Croydonian points out, that his share of the vote in South Tyneside represented the height of the Jury  Team’s breakthrough!

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Written by curly

June 11, 2009 at 11:33 am

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  1. I’m a bit surprised that Labour came second in Gib (especially after they’ve repeatedly tried to give Gib away to the Spanish). I would have thought the Lib Dems would have a better chance there.


    June 11, 2009 at 12:26 pm

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