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Undemocratic government

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How can they be accountable if our MPs cannot question or challenge them?

I was very short of inspitation this morning and even considered that I might be suffering from “blogger’s block” or mild heatstroke after walking “Missy” to school in South Shields. I felt somewhat deflated, the ire refused to rise, no rant could find a birth in my otherwise busy brain box, that is until I bumped into this post at Archbishop Cranmer’s place, which was backed up by a post at Guido Fawkes, and they both make the point that after Gordon Brown’s latest Cabinet and government reshuffle too many members of government sit in the House of Lords where our MPs cannot challenge or question them.

Cranmer illustrates his post with this superb little video of the excellent Conservative Shadow Foreign Secretary William Hague having a right good go at the titles bestowed upon the Lord High Everything and Prince of Darkness, suggesting that we shouldn’t be surprised if one morning we awake to find that he has also been given the title of Archbishop. He also attacks the weakness of South Shields MP and Foreign Secretary David Miliband. In his post Guido gives us a guide to the twenty Lords in Brown’s government.

Just how can the Prime Minister dare talk about democratic renewal when about a fifth of his government is hidden away “in another place” where the representatives of the “Commoners” cannot challenge, question, or debate with them? It is utterley perverse and undemocratic. Brown talks of renewal of the House of Lords, I suppose the great fear is that he wants to install even more members of government there.

Another classic Hague speech to enjoy.

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Written by curly

June 12, 2009 at 9:47 am

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