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South Tyne NHS to suffer as Brown lies on cuts

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NHS chiefs ready for spending cuts

Don’t allow yourself to be taken for a fool, when the Prime Minister Gordon Brown bleats about Conservative plans to cut spending, to close hospitals and schools, libraries and community centres, as against Labour’s plans to keep investing, he is lying through his teeth. Go back to this video and watch it again, it is painfully obvious that he wished that Fraser Nelson wasn’t a journalist with privileged access to No. 10. No, Labour’s budgets from previous years, and more particularly from this year call for greater controls over public spending and real term reductions in funding as the Treasury struggles to make a start on eating into the debts created by Labour (which amount to five times our GDP). Hence we read today that South Tyneside NHS Foundation Trust will be facing a reduction in real terms of between £8bn and 10bn between 2011 and 2014. We also know that our new college for South Tyneside is struggling to get off the ground after a government quango, The Skills Council, put a block on the release of money, threatening the commencement of building and the future educational needs of our youth.

Don’t expect to hear either of South Tyneside’s MPs David Miliband or Stehen Hepburn protesting loudly at Labour’s cuts, no they’ll save their words for the election campaign and tell us that it’s the Tories who are planning to do the damage. Please reader don’t be taken for a fool by these two or the Prime Minister, it is as plain as the nose on your face that Brown’s government is cutting spending now, and will need to plan to cut it further in the future, simply to prevent the official bankruptcy of the UK, so good has their stewardship of public finances been.

I am reminded of this post which I read at Coffee House during the week when James Forsyth appraised a leader column in The Sun:

“And, frankly, where is the disgrace in making cuts? Who really believes some services WON’T need cutting to pay back the monstrous debts we are running up to beat recession?

More unedifying was Gordon Brown’s desperate and deceitful attempt to paint Labour as the party of endless investment battling to keep out the cost-cutting Tories. This is complete fiction.

Both parties will be forced to make substantial cuts after the next election, no matter who wins it.

Mr Brown knows this very well – his Treasury’s own figures admit it.
His poll ratings might improve if he stopped taking us all for fools.”

Just remember that every time Brown sings about Tory cuts and Labour investment, he’s actually lying through his teeth and we already have the evidence here in South Shields and other parts of South Tyneside as our services are forced to cut costs, or threatened with delays or even have the cash tap turned off.

Labour is the party that is operating the cuts that may hurt, because they know that after twelve years of Brown and Darling at the Treasury the economy is royally screwed.

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Written by curly

June 13, 2009 at 8:42 pm

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  1. Tory/Labour.
    Different colour rosettes; same old shite.


    June 14, 2009 at 7:21 pm

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