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Value for money?

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A sign that MPs don’t live in the real world

This is from Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s expense claim for assisted costs allowance 2007-08

£2010 to redecorate a toilet in a cupboard under the stairs!!

This includes new tiles to the floor area, 2 coats of finishing sealer, new lining paper, three coats of emulsion, and gloss and undercoat for the woodwork.

Now if I just nipped out to the local DIY shed in South Shields I’d estimate this for materials:

Floor tiles (6ft X 4ft maximum for under stairs cupboard?) £20

Adhesive £15

Sealer £8

Lining paper 1000 grade £5

Emulsion 2.5 ltrs £15

Primer 1 ltr £8

Undercoat 750 mll £10

Gloss 750mll £10

I’ve been conservative, but I could probably buy the materials for less than £100, less again if I used perfectly good own brand products.

Labour – a slow DIY person would take three days to do the job allowing for drying/setting times, has Gordon Brown really paid someone over £500 per day to decorate a toilet?

This shows that the PM and probably many more MPs are totally out of touch with real life, they are not used to going out shopping in their local communities, and have no idea about the prices of goods in the shops, and little idea at all about the reasonable labour costs of tradesmen.

But there again, why should they when the tax payer foots the bill?

If they have no idea about the value of money used to maintain their own homes, what chance do they have of spotting value for money in government spending?

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Written by curly

June 18, 2009 at 11:41 am

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  1. I seem to remember seeing a whole lot of extra charges for security clearance for workmen in ‘sensitive’ locations eg Ministers’ homes, so perhaps the workmen just got the going rate and the remainder is keeping some Whitehall functionary in Pinot Grigio.

    I’d put in a link, but I’m so bored with the whole bloody business I can’t be bothered to find the page again.


    June 19, 2009 at 12:01 pm

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