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MPs expenses (again)

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Looking through the .pdfs

I’m sure these were all “within the rules” but by what stretch of the imagination some of these are items were deemed to be wholly and  necessarily for the performance of the duties of an MP is beyond me.

From David Miliband the South Shields MP and Foreign Secretary’s expenses:

  • £2500 fitted bedroom furniture (Sept. 2007)
  • £5800 repairs to external wall and lay block paving (Sept 2007)
  • £525 replacement garage door (Oct 2007)
  • £160 goose feather filled duvet (May 2004)
  • £412 re-upholster chair (Oct 2004)
  • £320 painting and decorating (Feb 2007) – damn good value compared to Gordon Brown’s cupboard under the stairs toilet for £2000
  • £4402 pointing of house (Oct 2006) – eye watering price!
  • £500 contribution to South Shields Labour Party for refurbishment of office (Apr. 2005)
  • £70 iron (Apr 2005) – what, for the office?
  • £268 Canon Ixus T5 digital camera (March 2005)
  • £13 promo shower radio (March 2005) – an office expense?
  • £46 Newspaper bill at Bretts, Westoe road South Shields (March 2005) – we even have to buy his morning paper
  • £75 training for Scott Duffy (March 2005) – worked a treat!
  • £38 256Mb SD memory card (March 2005) – extortionate, even then.
  • £193 Bretts newspapers (Nov 2005)
  • £330 Dennis Bates for accountancy services (Jan 2005) – may as well make sure you fleece us properly!
  • £250 office shredder (Jan 2005) – That’s a lot of money to destroy the evidence.
  • £290 Bretts newsagent (Jun 2004)
  • £83 Bretts newsagent (July 2004)
  • £162 Bretts newsagent ((Aug 2005)
  • £9015 Oak fitted kitchen from Windsor Kitchens (June 2005) – this is for the office? He should have gone to Ikea/Wickes/B&Q/MFI
  • £345 Dennis Bates again for tax accountancy work (Feb 2007)

Now I’m getting seriously bored looking at black boxes, just looking for the exceptional stuff now.

  • Tim Richardson and Craig Leng sell photographs to Miliband, proving there is an opportunity to earn money away from the Gazette (Miliband pays a lot less than The Sun).
  • £41 arrears fee to Paribas (June 2006 and again in 2007) – even when he defaults he charges to the tax payer!
  • We paid for his TV ariel and TV licence for his office.
  • £1500 per year for website updates and maintenance.
  • Viking Direct obviously ply our MPs with lots of free biscuits and chocolates to retain their business.
  • Rental fee paid £6000 per annum to South Shields Labour Party claimed through expenses (ie Labour Party funded by tax payer)

There is nothing that is particularly exceptional about David Miliband’s expense claims in light of the bigger picture that The Daily Telegraph has painted over the past month, but one has to admire the tenacity of the journalists who have gone through these files meticulously, I found it tedious and frustrating because I had to contend with the mark of the Parliamentary censors. Nevertheless, if you are up for it they make fascinating and annoying reading.

When you are spending other peoples money you tend to lose touch with reality, there is no necessity to look for value because your own wallet is not being hurt, and this is what irks me more than anything else, other than the feeling that some MPs have lost sense of what is morally right and wrong, irrespective of what the rules said.

Having looked at David Miliband’s I’m not so sure that I want to spend the same amount of time going through Steven Hepburn’s, I may, but it depends on time constraints.

Suffice to say that it has prevented be from writing on other matters today. I wonder how many other blogs fell into the same trap?

David Miliband’s expense claims.

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Written by curly

June 19, 2009 at 1:54 pm

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