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New “Toon” away strip

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Newcastle away strip

Ashley in new promotional deal tailored to fit new circumstances

This should go down well in his sports shops,it looks like something that they used to wear in the Stock Exchange thirty years ago, or a uniform that Backworth Juvenile Jazz Band might have paraded around in during the early 70s, but surely he isn’t expecting this Mr. Blobby designed thing to become the fashion accessory de jour around the Bigg Market, huh?

Some Toon fans are less than impressed:

Stephen Buchan, of Consett, saying: “It’s awful. It reminds me of a deckchair on Blackpool beach.

“At a time when NUFC need all the money they can get, they go and release a kit that Mike Ashley would probably struggle to sell at rock bottom price in one of his cheap clothing outlets.

“It’s not as though we fans have been made to look stupid enough without being asked to fork out good money to wear something as awful as that.”

Supporters of local rivals Sunderland, who avoided the drop from the Premier League, are revelling in the appearance of the new shirt, with one, Ryan Jenkins, saying: “It really is appalling. I love it.

“It looks like Norwich and Blackpool got into a fight and this was the leftovers. Newcastle will have to call themselves the Toongerines.”

Another anonymous comment chanted: “Bananas in pyjamas are going down the league; bananas in pyjamas are trying to look like Leeds!!!”


It’s a good job they are playing Blackpool away, midweek, at night, don’t hang around too long on the beach lads the council might cart you away and lock you in a cupboard at six o’clock!

With attendances set to plummet further after their relegation to the fizzy pop Championship, Ashley should manage to get all of the Toon fans through the Blobby sponsored grunge tank in one afternoon, all looking like a giant bowl of Ambrosia custard!

The Sunderland Echo asks if this is the worst away kit ever produced? Then they manage to leave out one of the worst strips ever in their list of competitors – remember that green and yellow striped thing as worn by some Brazilian called Mirandinha.

Shocking memories.

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Written by curly

June 23, 2009 at 1:58 pm

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