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Mandelson plans to spend, spend, spend to put his puppet back in No. 10

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Prince of Darkness in FT interview

Notwithstanding the fact that Britain is broke, the de facto leader of the country Lord Mandelson has told the Financial Times that his party will outspend and out reform the Conservative Party in an effort to put Gordon Brown back in Downing Street after the next election.

“The worst is behind us,” he said. “The fall in demand, market activity and reduction in bank lending is now bottoming out. These are encouraging signs.”

Just where is the evidence for this poppycock? Labour’s past two Chancellors, Darling and Brown have failed miserably in their Treasury forecasts, and yet somehow Mandelson expects us to believe the hype again.

He said the forecasts of Alistair Darling, chancellor, of a return to growth this year were “on target”, but then goes on to say:

“We will have a better picture of likely growth rates and whether we have resumed the trend rate of growth, but that will probably be too early for any spending review to take place, and not necessary, because the current round continues until 2011″

Regardless of the fact that the comprehensive departmental spending review is being delayed he clearly has no clear picture at all whether or not targets will be achieved!

Mandy also suggests that the planned shake up of the Royal Mail may be put on hold because he is being “jostled for space” in the legislative programme. What hogwash Your Highness Lord High Almighty Everything, you are dropping it because backbench Labour MPs are implacably opposed to it!

Just as many of us suspect, a Mandelson stiffened NuLabour would carry on the spending and debt binge to keep Brown in No. 10, the insurance being (should the strategy fail)  an incoming Tory government would be completely hamstrung by the economic mess.

To say this is a cynical strategy might be the biggest understatement of the year. A resounding manifestation of party first, public second, in a forlorn effort to keep his puppet dancing on a string.

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Written by curly

June 29, 2009 at 12:37 pm

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