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South Tyneside Independent Alliance continue to peddle lies

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More dishonesty on leaflets distributed in South Shields today

Leaflets published by Cllr. Jane Branley the leader of the Independent Alliance group of councillors on South Tyneside Council are today being distributed around the town by a distribution company. This will not be a cheap exercise!

Their propaganda department must have been hard at work creating the legend/story surrounding Mr. Allen Branley’s expulsion from the council after failing to attend any meetings for the past six months. They continue to lie and spin the line that he has resigned, a line repeated in an interview given to South Tyneside Central TV, the Indy’s preferred choice of media outlet. Branley was THROWN OFF the council, it is NOT possible to resign a seat which you no longer hold, his letter/s of resignation were an afterthought after discovering that six months had gone by since he last attempted to represent the people of Westoe ward in South Shields.


Let us have a look at the first page of this leaflet:

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So first off, the wealthy socialist dentist and property developer from Westoe Village wants to be the town’s MP, watch out Mr. Miliband, and his candidature is likely to give other candidates plenty of ammunition to fire with. Next Jane repeats on Allen’s behalf, the same allegations printed on the newsletter delivered in the Westoe ward, if they had any firm foundations they would have given the evidence to the police – so far, they have failed to do the responsible thing, preferring instead the spread of rumour and innuendo.

The leaflet then spends a paragraph complaining about the poor behaviour at council meetings and the undignified manner in which South Tyneside is becoming portrayed to the wider world, it lays the blame at the feet of everyone else without realising that when we point the finger, three other fingers point back at us. WAKE UP FOLKS, the people who have not read or understood the council’s Constitution and Standing Orders are the very people who have written this leaflet. Don’t expect to get a fair hearing when you shout everyone else down or make it plain (as Jane Branley did in an interview with ST Central) that you are going to ignore the rules. This is another lie to suggest that the rules and “tactics” are being used to stifle the voice of the Independents, nothing could be further from the truth, and if they took the time to study the council’s own rules then perhaps they might learn to use them to their own advantage.

The leaflet then states that a female Independent councillor was assaulted by a male Labour councillor and that another Independent councillor was the subject of racist abuse. These are more lies. There are only allegations and accusations at present  no charges, no court cases, and no accused found to be guilty, just ask a policeman!

Let’s look at page two:

View this document on Scribd

Mr. Branley, realising that his failure to attend meetings has caused a very costly by election, offers to pay the costs of holding it. Talk about bribing the electorate! I’m not awfully sure about the law here but it sounds highly irregular and I doubt whether the Returning Officer would view such financial interference with the electoral process with much favour, I think I should ask him.

Allegations of fraud, theft, financial irregularities etc. should be taken to the police, that would be the responsible reaction of most people Mr. Branley, but why do you keep repeating them? Plainly because mud tends to stick and someone has decided that it’s time to play dirty.

Then there is another thinly veiled attack on The Shields Gazette, the UK’s oldest provincial nightly newspaper, just what is the “special relationship” between the Indys and JAG Productions?

I am plainly a supporter of Conservative principles and policies and until recently I had no axe to grind with this diminishing faction of the opposition in South Tyneside, I hate to be put in a position of supporting political opponents but I believe that fairness and truth deserve a hearing. We are not getting that from the Independent Alliance, they are spinning a web of lies, half truths, and dishonest information to cling on to a seat which is plainly undeserved.

Mr. Branley now has an appalling track record of being thrown off the council for failure to attend not once, but twice, the publisher of this leaflet, his wife Jane, has also suffered the same consequence in the past, people who have failed their electors do not deserve to be given the chance to represent them again in the future and this message needs to spread as widely as possible in this borough.

If you live in Westoe ward please give this some serious thought, you deserve a councillor who is going to turn up and speak on your behalf at meetings, not someone who peddles lies to keep their seat.

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5 Responses

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  1. Perhaps someone should tell Branley that the proposed location of the waste processing site is common knowledge. Although if he turned up for meetings…


    July 2, 2009 at 9:58 pm

  2. Curly Does he definetly say he will stand against David Miliband in the leaflet as the headline implies.Not that I am suprised .


    July 3, 2009 at 6:39 am

  3. Why is none of this being reported and indeed challenged by our local newspaper.
    My leaflet came through the door today and presumably the whole of South Tyneside is being fed the lie that Allen Branley resigned to force a by elaction.
    This along with the other distortions in the leaflet was worthy of George Orwell’s 1984.
    Of course the sensible reader might ask the same questions Curly did. If there is financial and electoral malpractice then go to the police. Unless of course they too are part of the conspiracy….cue spooky X files music.
    It is not so long ago that South Tyneside was going to be rocked by evidence of electoral fraud. We are still waiting.
    They are good at flinging the mud…racial abuse and assault allegations being bandied about…but poor at providing evidence.

    I spy

    July 3, 2009 at 3:51 pm

  4. When are the Shields Gazette going to investigate this couple Curly, and why are they allowed to send this lie to every household. I’m seriously disappointed at our journalists, this is their chance to shine yet they don’t want to take it.

    P. Davison

    July 4, 2009 at 9:28 am

  5. […] stolen the truth and replaced it with a deliberate falsehood, printed it, and sent it to every household in South Shields, yet there was no sign of Mr. Allen Branley the […]

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