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MPs are very unrepresentative

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Oh no they aren’t

Dave Osler over at Liberal Conspiracy makes the case that our current and next batch of MPs is very unrepresentative, making the wider generalisation that the selection process must be flawed, there are still too few women, too few blacks, too few gays, and too many privately educated members.

Which is fair enough……to a point.

That point being it is us, the voters, who are ultimately responsible for putting these people in Westminster, we decide (at least a small proportion of us do, the rest sit at home and moan). Mind you, the decision to partake in the democratic process these days is an onerous and difficult one to take after learning of the lives of luxury enjoyed by the righteous at my expense, such news is unlikely to enthuse people to have a say over sending yet another one to that House. So undoubtedly there remains the rather large matter of rebuilding the trust that must exist between politicians and the public before we can feel more engaged in the political process.

Another small point that Dave misses is the growing trend to leave, walk away, fail to pay, and generally not join political parties. They are no longer mass market bodies, membership of the Labour Party nationally has plummeted to around 200,000 and the Conservatives are not that far ahead either, although one can become a “friend” of the Conservatives for as little as a quid per year. So some of the fancy ideas being touted these days to help broaden the selection process for parliamentary candidates i.e. open primaries, will still be relying on a fairly narrow base of interests.

Interest in British politics seems to be at an all time low, we’d rather read about Jordan’s divorce, watch Michael’s Memorial, hear of Rooney’s ruckus, and talk about the wevvah (the thunder’s geet mint innit?). Talking of lazy good for nothing layabout sorts who furnish their homes with laptops, plasma screen TVs, and leather suites, whilst trying to rake in as much cash as they can without doing much to earn it, seems representative to me of a great swathe of the British public, and our politicians appear to be just as representative in reflecting the wider community. So to some extent Dave is wrong, MPs are just as representative now as they were back in the bad old days when single trades unions controlled Labour Party constituencies, and Bufton Tuftons walked into shire seats with ease.

Nothing changes Dave, and never will, until the day that you and I go and join a political party and take fifty mates with us, or the day that a few thousand in our town wake up and take an interest in local or national affairs. It is traditional British apathy and laziness which has produced such a batch of MPs, it is not the parties to blame, we must blame ourselves for not wanting to take a part or dare to change the rules.

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Written by curly

July 7, 2009 at 9:38 am

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