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ID Cards “an affront to British Liberty”

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You thought Johnson was killing them off?… Think again.

On Monday evening Gordon Brown’s Labour government pushed further measures through the House of Commons that would allow the authorities to fine you up to £1000 for failing to update your details on the National Identity Register being set up to support the ID Card scheme.

That’s a pretty harsh smack on the wrist for something that Johnson promoted as being voluntary huh?

So he thinks that we will voluntarily give our details away when applying for new passports with biometrics built in, or voluntarily ask for an ID Card, and he thinks that should we forget to inform the government when we move house, get repossessed, marry, change name by deed poll or accidentally lose the passport or ID Card that we should be hauled before some kangaroo court that can fine us up to £1000. Wow, what is so voluntary about that?

The shadow Home Secretary, Chris Grayling, told MPs: “One of the first acts of a Conservative government will be cancelling the ID cards scheme. The scheme and the register are both an affront to British liberty and will have no place in a Conservative Britain. They are also a huge waste of money.”

The Conservatives’ Home Affairs spokesman, Damian Green, asked how the scheme could be “voluntary” when they were penalties for failing to provide information for the database: “If it is a voluntary card, why are there penalties attached for failing to provide that information?” he said, adding that the government should warn people that once they “volunteer” for a passport or ID card it was then compulsory for the rest of their lives.

With both the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats pledging to scrap this scheme and it’s odious register which can be shared by up to half a million civil and public servants, you might have thought that a rebellion by more liberal and free thinking Labour MPs might be on the cards – I suppose we can but hope.

Perhaps David Cameron would care to make a few more headlines in a fake German accent:

“Your papers please”

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Written by curly

July 8, 2009 at 9:40 am

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