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Cllr. Khan brands me as extremist

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Let’s put the record straight

Following another two page spread of readers letters in yesterday’s Shields Gazette, where every last one of them criticised the decision of Allen Branley to seek immediate re-election to South Tyneside Council after being thrown out for a second time for non attendance, the Independent Alliance Deputy Leader Ahmed Khan once more shows no appreciation for the level of public anger generated by members of his party.

For the avoidance of doubt here are the relevant tweets from Cllr. Khan

Cllr. Khan's tweets

Not for the first time has some commentator ridiculously attempted to line me up with the nazis and fascists or label me as an extremist nut case.

To help Cllr. Khan gain a better understanding I posted this message on Twitter, so he can appreciate that my letter in the Shields Gazette had been subject to a minor edit and that I intended to convey the idea that those who have been repeatedly removed from office in local government for failure to attend and represent their constituents ought to be barred from seeking immediate re-election. A concept that might perhaps gain popular support and provide us with councillors who are committed to attending meetings on our behalf instead of staying away.

For those looking in from the outside you may gain a better appreciation of Cllr. Khan’s apparent dislike for the Shields Gazette by looking at the other letters published yesterday, including one from the Head of Corporate Governance of South Tyneside Council.

Six letters in total chosen from a larger number writing in to express their anger at Mr. Branley’s decision to force an expensive by-election to prove a point (this is all bum fluff, as we all know he failed to attend the meetings and was unceremoniously thrown off the council).

So to be part of that general feeling of disgust, and to be angry that the people of Westoe ward in South Shields have been woefully under represented at council meetings , and to call for such poor quality politicians to be prevented from immediately seeking re-election is extreme councillor? I think you fail to understand the under current of anger in this town.

May I publicly ask Cllr. Khan and the remaining few Independent Alliance councillors if they continue to support the land developing Mr. Branley? Will they publicly attest that support and will they willingly without grudge go out on the streets and campaign for a man who plainly has little time at all for the people of Westoe, and little time at all for supporting his colleagues in the council chamber?

Can we have a public statement from the Alliance councillors to that effect please?

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Written by curly

July 10, 2009 at 9:07 am

2 Responses

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  1. Well said Curly. The factual letter of explanation from Brian Scott outlining the series of events exposes the Branley’s and their allies. The simple truth is he fell foul of the rules on attendance. In an attempt to cover his backside the letter of resignation was concocted. They are trying to take the electorate for fools and hopefully people won’t be conned.
    It was a good selection of letters from all shades of political opinion. Let’s hope he sees the writing on the wall but the arrogance of these people knows no bounds.

    I spy

    July 10, 2009 at 11:03 am

  2. Can someone please tell me why a wealthy dentist cum land-developer should want to become a member of a body which holds regular meetings to discuss the way forward for all the population of South Tyneside, when he has shown REPEATEDLY that he cannot be bothered to attend meetings of that body? I think that the messages contained in the letters page of the Shields Gazette last night should be re-printed and sent to every elector in Westoe Ward. If those people then decide to re-elect this man then we have to bow to democracy – but those electors MUST be given the facts about this man before the expensive bye-election takes place. I also hope that Mr Scott quickly sorts out the legal position of Branley’s offer to pay for this contest.


    July 10, 2009 at 11:16 am

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