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Who should we believe

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Labour’s confused position on “cuts” and defence.

The Prime Minister belts it out at every PMQs like an old 78 rpm record stuck in the groove – Labour will invest the Tories will cut – yet we all know that the current levels of public spending are wholly unsustainable and frankly indefensible given the levels of Brown induced debt that needs to be serviced. Should we believe the Prime Minister or the de facto leader, Lord High Almighty Everything Mandelson?

Mandelson says:

“Of course we will re-balance public finances in the medium term. There will be spending choices and a growing need for greater efficiency across the board, and less spending in some programmes.”

Now that surely means they are going to cut spending or it does not Mr. Brown?

Labour cannot have it both ways.

Similarly on the subject of the Defence budget and the Afghanistan campaign Gordon Brown said:

“I am confident that we are right to be in Afghanistan, that we have the strongest possible plan and we have the resources needed to do the job.”

Do we believe Gordon or should we believe Lt. Mark Evison of the Welsh Guards who died from his wounds in May:

“This is harder than it seems. Paperwork trails which tend to disappear are commonplace. As it stands I have a lack of radios, water, food and medical equipment. This with manpower is what these missions lack. It is disgraceful to send a platoon into a very dangerous area with two weeks’ water and food and one team medics pack. Injuries will be sustained which I will not be able to treat and deaths could occur which could have been stopped. We are walking on a tightrope and from what it seems here are likely to fall unless drastic measures are undertaken.”

The words of the Prime Minister really won’t do, and as we watch more hearses carrying the bodies of our fallen heroes through Wootton Bassett almost on a weekly basis, it is becoming more and more obvious that his ears are incapable of keeping up with output of his mouth. He is so used to using the words of his spin merchants that he probably recites them in his sleep.

So who would you believe? Gordon Brown or the reality of life as we see, hear, and feel it?

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Written by curly

July 15, 2009 at 9:52 am

2 Responses

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  1. […] Curly thinks that Labour are starting to confuse themselves about spending […]

  2. Reality is catching up with the Gord.
    He is caught between soundbites.
    Any government that goes on this long would be in trouble. But this one seeks to make trouble for itself with its delusional proclamations.

    Bill Quango MP

    July 15, 2009 at 10:39 pm

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