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Yorkshire was wet……

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…..very wet.

Curly and his family are back home in South Shields now after enduring a mixed bag of weather inYorkshire for a week, we’ve seen just about every small village, town, or city, moor, dale, river and waterfall, from Malton in the east to Skipton in the west, when it was sunny it was hot, very hot, when it was windy it was almost gale force, and when it was wet it was very wet. Torrential downpours were the order of the day whenever it rained, but thankfully they never lasted more than fifteen minutes at a time (and Leeds has some very pretty Victorian arcades to dive into when shelter is required). All in all we had a good week with our extended family group, and it was pleasing to note that Cllr. Khan was keen to take an interest in my father’s condition whilst I was away (thanks for that, he’s overcome the swine flu now).

I managed to be back in time to catch a little of the Sunderland International Air Show, joining in the huge crowds on Seaburn beach on Saturday afternoon and going back for a second helping yesterday to photograph the Red Arrows before returning to South Shields to find out what Andy Abrahams sounded like in the Bents Park, the only downside was the terrible spin and misinformation being broadcast by BBC Radio Newcastle who’s presenters were intent upon spreading the lie that it was dry and sunny in Sunderland, telling their listeners to get down to the beach where the temperature was 20 celcius- well on my part of the beach it was windy, 16 celcius and raining!

So plenty of pictures to process and get ready for the photoblogs (see the sidebar).

There’s not a lot happening politically, with many of the mainline commentators taking a summer break along with the politicians, Gordon Brown retires to the Lake District to lick his wounds after another stunning Conservative by election win, but here in South Shields there may be a chance for final bun fight at the meeting of South Tyneside Council on Thursday in South Shields Town Hall when the Westoe ward will be declared vacant after it’s Alliance Independent councillor failed to turn up for six months. However, with an address by the Chief Constable of Northumbria to the council I fear that there will be no haste to make martyrs or attempt to close the meeting with incessant talking this week!

The Independents have two notices of motion down for debate both of which take the statist interventionist line, one appeals to the ratepayers to save the Missions to Seamen in the Mill Dam, South Shields (what it needs is seafarers not council bureaucrats) and the other appeals for Gypsies Green to be used exclusively for sport (what it needs is disposing of, and a developer with a big dream who really wants to make something happen there – it could be sport, but why tie your hands?).

Oh, and the other news, the borough’s favourite resting hole for malcontents (Mr. Monkey) has announced that he may just be about to retire the site – time to take a pinch of salt here – we all know he’ll be back under another guise sooner or later.

Welcome back South Tyneside.

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Written by curly

July 27, 2009 at 10:24 am

2 Responses

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  1. Re Gypsies Green – I wonder how much of the Leas the members would envisage being used for car parking to support the sports venue ? and how tall any floodlights might be to maximise the usage of the facility ?

    cherry bear

    July 27, 2009 at 9:22 pm

  2. Re car parking – I’ve always found it slightly bizarre that people feel the need to drive to a gym or sporting facility THEN start exercising. A decent pair of trainers works out a hell of a lot cheaper than gym membership or petrol.


    July 28, 2009 at 8:02 am

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