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Screwing up the message

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Branley’s leaflets mangled

Received two of Allen Branley’s leaflets through my door yesterday, the former Independent Alliance councillor for Westoe ward in South Shields intends to thumb his nose at his electors by standing as a candidate in a by election after being kicked off South Tyneside Council for non attendance. Clearly whoever is delivering his leaflets doesn’t want his message to get out, the leaflets were screwed up, twisted, and tightly mangled as they made their way through my letterbox.

I keep wondering why they distribute these things borough wide too, the by election will only be in one ward.

I might have shared the content with you, but these were plainly intended to see the inside of the dust bin, funny it makes you feel as though my leaflets were given special attention, my neighbours don’t seem to have suffered the same problems.

Busy pressing and ironing them before amusing myself with a read!

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Written by curly

July 28, 2009 at 10:17 am

3 Responses

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  1. utter lies
    was it not you who ripped up the leaflet in front of both our distributors because you dont like what it says??????
    the leaflets are folded once to get through the bristles in the letterbox screwed up??? i think you are to comment on a piece of paper .. how many times have i purchased a gazzette with folds and creases .
    i dont complain i read it and then put it in the waste
    it remains your choice to read or not any information
    you get through your letterbox .
    we all could say we do things better than any one else
    in any given job .
    you try to put a leaflet through my door without creasing i will give you 100 pounds if you can.
    we are creating jobs out there for local people
    you may have a son or daughter who depends on the wages each week would you like me to slander you at your job…??? i wonder///.
    not only do i not have anuy interest in you or what you do, but i would not comment as i have not researched the facts and figures .
    maybe if it was a fifty pound note through the door all screwed up you would not complain
    Very narrow minded person talk to me i will give you the facts on distribution and if you can invent a tool to avoid dog bites,hand injuries,
    I would listen to any constructive advice with open ears.
    maybe any items for delivery could be laminated then you could laminate the gazzette every copy…….
    impractical you know it…
    YOu get me a copy of gazzette delivered through my door without a mark or fold in it i will give you another fifty pounds…..
    Please have some consideration with our staff as you would have for your own industry .
    small minded man .
    Before you write or publish anything you are supposed to listen to both sides before you assume anything
    call me to discuss this topic further and maybe i can enlighten your perception of how you see events.. thanks for some common sense


    July 29, 2009 at 7:10 am

  2. my neighbours don’t seem to have suffered the same problems.
    says it all your biased


    July 29, 2009 at 9:50 am

  3. […] ward of South Shields. Incredibly a commenter and supporter of the Independents, a MR DE MATAS, in this post, has the audacity to say that I’m an utter liar! The suggestion is that I ripped up the […]

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