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Blogging just doesn’t win elections

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Talking to people does.

Irfan Ahmed in this blog post somewhat takes the Libertarian Party and it’s vociferous bloggers to task after their quite poor showing in the Norwich North by election. Of course I’m in a fair bit of agreement with most of their principle aims and I’m sure Irfan Ahmed would agree that the vast majority of the readers of blogs such as The Devil’s Kitchen, the UK Libertarian PartyUnderdogs Bite Upwards, Longrider, and Anna Raccoon, (to hound just a few) do not live in Norwich, and therefore it is safe to assume that their blogging message isn’t as widespread in those parts as the Norfolk Broads. The UK is still light years behind the USA when it comes to the overall influence of blogs and the online political commentariat. However it is becoming more widely accepted, even by the mainstream media with some bloggers commanding almost celebrity status, we even see regular TV outings from Iain Dale and Paul Staines (aka Guido Fawkes) and Phil Hendron (aka Dizzy) now and then, as well as a smattering from one or two others.

Things are slowly changing and the next general election will see the influence of blogging reaching new levels again, the major parties have already started to reach out to a new online audience and many MPs are running their own blogs to stay connected with the public that they serve, YouTube serves more instant video reaction as vlogging and podcasts spread the political word even further. The fact remains true however that the best way to reach out to voters is to go out and meet them, it’s OK poking fun at the Libertarian Party but Irfan is essentially right, and right now it’s the man/or woman who shakes your hand and says the right things who will stick in your mind on election day. That is real connectivity.

The lesson that I’m spelling out here is clear and sharp, some folks in South Shields are very, very good at getting out and communicating their message. The South Tyneside Independent Alliance have an enviable reputation for constant door knocking, street surgeries, street walks, and fixed surgeries as well as what seems to be an endless supply of newsletters. Although I fervently disagree with their lack of political strategies, poor leadership qualities, and relentless disregard for rules and regulations, I cannot fault their dedication, it is without doubt their strongest weapon.

Unless we see the same level of determined effort from other parties in South Shields, and the same commitment to get the message across to Mr. and Mrs. Average in Westoe ward there is every danger and possibility that a man who has already been sacked from South Tyneside Council twice for failure to attend meetings, may end up being elected as a councillor again.

The blogosphere cannot prevent it, the newspapers cannot prevent it, the only people who can are those electors in the Westoe ward, so it is of paramount importance that the other candidates in the forthcoming by election gather around them strong dedicated committed teams of volunteers to do the legwork now!

They don’t all have broadband access, especially in the sheltered accommodation units.

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Written by curly

July 29, 2009 at 7:48 pm

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