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…and some crackpot ideas in support of the noble cause

Some jobs in life are temporary, voluntary, and pay no money. People do these jobs for a variety of reasons, the most important of which is to gain an invaluable experience and/or a little knowledge. Building a small network of contacts is also important and useful when taking a voluntary position, you never know when people may be able to help you out in the future.

Hence we have very short term temporary staff (more often than not students) working as interns, assistants, to politicians, barristers, solicitors, farmers, aid agencies etc. To be honest, the sort of people who do this sort of work, maybe just for a month or two, are those who really,really want to, and need to get an appreciation of what is involved if they have an inclination to pursue a career in one of these fields (although these voluntary positions are not exclusive to the fields that I’ve mentioned above).

So why does that wonderful Alan Milburn in his recent report on social mobility wish to introduce radical change in the way that intern-ships are awarded? One cannot make the world a fairer place by legislating for it, people are people and will always behave in a human fashion and that is a fact of life. Another fact of life is that life is not fair, never has been, and never will, especially for those who somehow imagine that the future golden age will arrive on a gilt plate just for their own personal pleasure. No, and as Shane Greer adequately argues a certain amount of self promotion and ambition, individual responsibility and drive, coupled with tenacity, will achieve almost anything, despite the unfairness of life.

There are an abundance of personalities in the UK who have come from poorer less privileged backgrounds and made it to the top of their chosen professions, think of Alan Sugar, Richard Branson, John Major, Tom Jones, (South Shields born) Frank Williams, et al. Mind you, none of them will say it was easy.

You make your own luck in this life, and only a crackpot would disagree and want to regulate on human behaviour.

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Written by curly

July 29, 2009 at 10:21 am

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