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Indies outflanked by Labour Leader

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Gypsies Green motion hijacked

I was astonished by the tactically inept decision by the South Tyneside Independent Alliance group of councillors to accept the amendment moved by Labour’s local Leader Cllr. Iain Malcolm at yesterday’s meeting of South Tyneside Council held in South Shields Town Hall. The motion on the Agenda asked the council to ensure that the gypsies Green site is retained for sporting use by the people of the borough.

The Leader of the Council Iain Malcolm then moved an amendment that inserted the word “seek” (i.e. seeks to ensure) and gave a long peroration on what the future might hold if Gypsies Green Stadium in South Shields was retained for sporting purposes complete with new buildings sprouting up on in and around it. He compared the facilities to Gateshead International Stadium and Monkton Stadium, acknowledging that we would start from a position  twenty-five years behind our competitors. He further announced that former Olympian Brendan Forster, the chairman of Nova International would investigate the possibilities and feasability, including the pitfalls, and report back to the council.

Cllr. Jane Branley for the Independent Alliance, which has been implacably opposed to a hotel development on the site, meekly announced that her group were prepared to accept Labour’s amendment, thus helping Iain Malcolm’s cause as Labour looks to defend its Horsley Hill seat  , all plans for Gypsies Green are now on the back burner!

Seeking to ensure is surely not the guarantee they were looking for.

On a personal note I’m only sorry that the council has got political cold feet over the issue, and once again a major possible regenerative development has been pushed back further, I’m not totally opposed to a sporting development and I’m open to other ideas, but I have to admit I liked the hotel plan. At least they haven’t tied their hands completely though.

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Written by curly

July 31, 2009 at 10:28 am

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  1. I agree with your comment ( plans for gypsies green are now put on the back burner ) Thats all it is, The back burner.


    July 31, 2009 at 11:23 am

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