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Your new ID Card awaits you

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ID Cards This is how it will look

According to Computer Weekly

The ID card was unveiled by home secretary Alan Johnson Thursday in Manchester and London.

Strange how all of these plans, schemes, and announcements, were in the pipeline for something he tells us is now voluntary, don’t you think?

Alan Johnson said,

“Given the growing problem of identity fraud and the inconvenience of having to carry passports, coupled with gas bills or six months’ worth of bank statements to prove identity, I believe the ID card will be welcomed as an important addition to the many plastic cards that most people already carry.

He added that its use for travel in Europe is also an advantage. (Surely he meant a necessity?)

This little piece of plastic will voluntarily cost you around £30 at the outset, and we know how that price will rise in time, and once the government has all of your details on the database you can be damned sure you won’t be able to have them removed in the future. You could also face hefty fines for failure to inform the authorities of changes in your circumstances (such as marrying, moving home, etc.) nice of them huh?

I can hear the voices in the middle of the night “your papers please”

Say No2ID

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Written by curly

August 1, 2009 at 11:32 am

One Response

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  1. This worries me very much. How much more intrusion am I going to have in to my life by this ever sinister Government?

    We already have identity cards in the form of the Plastic Driving License and passports. The disturbing thing about this card is that I have no way of verifying that the details contained in the Bar-Coding are accurate. This has nothing to do with “identity rights”, but more to do with an ever more intrusive Big-Brother style Government.

    I wear an identity bracelet which is recognised by the Emergency authorities and contains all the details they need, such as: Blood Group, Medication and the fact that I am a convulsive epileptic.

    A few years ago I was walking down a street when I took a “drop-seisure”, that means an epileptic fit which gives no warning, and I quite literally drop to the gound and already convuling. Along that street there are four CCTV Cameras. Not one of them picked up the fact that I was having a seisure, nore was an ambulance called.

    In fact the person who dealt with the matter was 17 and on her own dealt with the first aid. And this is in the middle of a High Street. So where was the benefit in the CCTV, and more to the point, a number of memebers of the Public just walked passed; one of the apparently advising the girl “not to bother because I was pissed”. Where it not for the interception and First Aid that Girl provided I would be dead.

    Since I have to pay for my driving license, why should I pay for yet another identity card? Even so, I still have my Bus Pass, and other passes which can be used for identification, and I know the data is accurate.

    The final thing about all this invasive behaviour by the Big Brother Government, is where are they going to draw the line?
    If there is already CCTV in the Streets, Bars, Cafes’- even Libraries, where next?

    Of course the next argument will be that there is a lot of Domestice Violience- true, so will the logical conclusion to Big Brother Labour be to install a CCTV in each of my rooms to ensure that I am not beating up the rest of my family?

    The CCTV and Identity Card are grave intrusions in to our liberties. We know very well that it will not reduce, let alone stop crime. We have already proved that with CCTV. It does not act as a deterrent since there is still violence on the streets; the better deterrant would be to have more REAL Police on the street, not these stupid PCSO’s who have little more power than Citizens Arrest.

    We have been told that id cards will be dropped; but knowing this deceitful Governemnt, like stealth taxes
    they will not be. There is already talk of a “book of life” being issued to parents of all new parents which will contain details of their baby and as that child grows up everything will be recorded in it, and a copy held. This already operates in South Africa.

    I would love to leave this Country, but it seems that others are all doing the same thing in the name of Anti-terrorism. All members of the Public, in whichever Country know that. And does Mr Brown think that it will stop the likes of the IRA (who are now operational again), Al Quaeda and other Terrorist orgainsations from being identified?

    No, I doubt it. If Labour have proved something over the last 12 years, it is that they are a bunch of control freaks, who would be the same ones to scream “Official Secrets Act” if anyone pry’s in to their (usually) coruupt lives.

    Oh how George Orweill, in the novel 1984; and Ray Bradbury, in Farenheit 451, turned out to be alot closer than they ever beleived.

    Chris R

    August 3, 2009 at 11:34 am

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