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They are all talking about it today

Sexting, the sending of sexually explicit pictures via mobile phone between teenagers, – I had to listen to a three hour debate on Radio 5 Live about it yesterday, heck it was depressing. Call me old fashioned too, but I cannot imagine what goes through their heads, well I can, you just have to look through a few Facebook or MySpace pages to see that not much goes through their heads. Teenagers seem to have no concept of personal privacy these days, with a few text messages, a few pictures and a couple of websites you can build a complete personal profile, heaven knows what the parents must think.

“We can completely understand why young people want to post these images to each other. But you have to have 100% trust in the person you are sending it to.”

Understand? They are off their heads, they think they are sending private messages but never think that the world is looking in – airheads! Apart from anything else, why would a fifteen year old girl want to be sending pictures of her nakedness around to some semi illiterate spotty faced boyfriend who is almost seventeen?

Although it is legal to have sex at 16 under British law, it is illegal to take, hold or share “indecent” photos of anyone under 18.

Helen Penn said in practice it is unlikely the British police would get involved in a consensual case of “sexting” because it would not be in the public interest, although there have been a number of charges brought in both Australia and the US.

Oh, so it is OK for two people together to “consent” to breaking the law, huh?

Wake up kiddies and learn to value your own privacy, otherwise one day it will all be gone!

Via Trixy (who would rather receive a picture of a kitten.)

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August 5, 2009 at 11:08 am

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