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Lauren Luke makes it in Manhattan

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Lauren LukeAn everywoman as Beauty Queen

Just for a change a South Shields success story that is totally non political, you have to take your hat off to Lauren Luke the 27 year old single mother who is being feted in New York as she helped celebrate the opening of Sephora’s second Times Square store. She also features in The New York Times who highlight the fact that her YouTube channel has had more than 50 million views from over 250000 subscribers!

“Her appeal is that she is the Everywoman,” said Ed Burstell, a former vice president at Bergdorf Goodman and the buying director for Liberty of London. “She connects on an emotional level, and her quirky honesty is infectious.”

It is great to see and read of the South Shields sensation doing so well from such an inauspicious start with a webcam in her bedroom. I’m no expert on fashions or make up but I recognise success when I see it, and I hope that Lauren manages to turn her internet success into financial security and I’m only too pleased to record my admiration. As Geordies and Sanddancers we should be prepared to praise the youngsters in our midst who are making a name for themselves for all of the right reasons, we read too much negative news these days about some of our young people.

Lauren appears to nonplussed by the attention and says:

“I’m not your typical gorgeous, skinny girl. But people know with me that what they see is what they get.”

“I’m an average-looking girl who can’t wear 10 layers of fake lashes to get that mascara effect.” Her disenchantment, she added, “made me dig my feet in stronger. We’ve all had enough of lies.”

Sephora will now market the By Lauren Luke line through an exclusive retail partnership, so that must be great plus for her.

Even some of the American bloggers have taken to her earthly charm Jenny Muller said:

Lauren Luke is the ultimate non-celeb celeb model.

PSFK writes:

With appearances across the UK and US TV networks, a loyal following and newspapers like the New York Times giving her glowing support, Lauren Luke’s hard work has paid off with rapid sales online and through her retail partner Sephora. The NY Times calls her the ‘Everywoman as Beauty Queen’

So whatever plaudits Lauren receives are truly deserved and South Shields folks should be immensely proud of her.


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August 7, 2009 at 9:15 pm

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