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Osborne throws Brown’s words back

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george osborneRadical reform or cuts?

“I tell you we have learnt from past mistakes, just as you cannot spend your way out of recession, you cannot, in a global economy, simply spend your way through a recovery either. Losing control of public spending doesn’t help the poor”.

Gordon Brown, Shadow Chancellor 1996 – quoted by George Osborne currently Shadow Chancellor in this article.

Osborne is thinking ahead to a possible opening for his Conservative Conference speech, which will only be a matter of months away, however a theme is developing in the use of his language, and where Labour over the past few years has stolen some of David Cameron’s policy ideas, the Tories look as though they are about to steal some of the left’s fashionable signposts. Hence Osborne’s claim to the word “progressive”.

He knows, we know, and Brown knows that the fiscal costs of Labour’s borrow and spend policies have put the UK on the verge of bankruptcy, and that sooner rather than later we need to find ways to pay back that borrowing, get a control of our budgets and seriously reduce spending, and the presentation of these policies to bring sanity back to Britain’s finances is something which appears to be troubling our politicians. They all know there will be some pain, they all appreciate that the medicine will not be easily swallowed the pills will be bitter, and they all know that is is wholly necessary, but we find ourselves listening to new words that make “cuts” sound better. Osborne is waiting for Brown to use the word “cuts” so that the Parliamentary bun fight can be that more appealing, the Conservatives have to make the Prime Minister feel even more uncomfortable in the last Parliamentary term before the general election, and need to firmly pin the blame on him for our economic malaise, he has been pulling the nation’s purse strings for twelve years now. There should be no hiding place for Gordon Brown, he cannot and should not be allowed to keep harping back to the last Conservative government, he has had more than a decade to apply his policies and see the results, it is not acceptable for him to continue to lay the blame for his own borrowing (which now exceeds what we accumulated over the period of the second world war) and spending at the feet of foreign governments around the world.

So while the battle lines are drawn, the Conservatives hope to hear of Labour’s planned spending cuts, because surely they have those plans, and Labour must cede the title “progressive” to the Opposition Front Bench as Cameron and Osborne look for ways to get better value and better front line services out of the money currently allotted whilst putting some aside to pay off a little of the debt mountain built by Brown. However, as any South Shields housewife will tell you, when there is less money coming into the household that already has debts, you need  to reduce your outgoings, spend more wisely, and work harder to reduce the debts, it is a simple formula that even governments should follow.

Call it progressive if you must, so long as the message to the public is clear, Britain will return to financial probity through strict control of public spending and it may be not be an easy or comfortable journey. So long as the public understands the necessity of paying down the national debt and the means of doing so, they will appreciate the candour of the party that talks in a plain language. The plain truth is Brown’s borrowing is not and will not help the poorest in our society, and only the election of a Conservative government can hold any hope of a return to stable growth.

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Written by curly

August 12, 2009 at 10:59 am

2 Responses

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  2. Seems that Brown has made a start. According to the Shields Gazette tonight, South Tyneside Council faces a deficit of £24million over the next two years. This apparently is the result of a cut in funding from central government. This is very surely Brown passing the buck. He runs up the debt and then makes the local politicians find the means of coping with this cut in funding. When the result of their deliberations are announced and local services are cut and more people lose their jobs, guess who will get the blame from the local population? Dead right!! It won’t be Gordon Brown.


    August 13, 2009 at 12:03 am

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