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Cameron planning pay cuts?

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I hope this is true

According to Jonathan Isaby at Conservative Home, Cabinet Ministers in the next Conservative government had better make the most of whatever second incomes they have now, because David Cameron is getting ready to cut their ministerial salaries , and it could be by a substantial amount.

The Conservative party high command have calculated that if they are to push through cuts in public services, their politicians have to show they are prepared to “take a financial hit”.

A pay cut would also help the party as it attempts to renegotiate public sector pay deals. One senior Tory said a cut as high as 25% was being discussed, which would cost figures such as William Hague and George Osborne nearly £20,000 a year.

What a good idea! His government will be faced with some very tough and uncompromising decisions that will need to be taken to put right the economic mess left behind by Gordon Brown. There will be huge public debts that will need to be managed down, and a budget deficit that must be brought under control to ensure that business confidence returns. He knows that Britain cannot allow itself to be spending more money that the Treasury receives in tax receipts and so he will need to use a combination of spending controls and possibly tax rises to bring the two into balance.

It will be a painful medicine and he is determined that his Conservative Cabinet colleagues are not seen to be protected in any way, there may well be a public backlash from some sectors and if he can demonstrate that the government is taking it on the chin, and in the wallet too, then he will have greater success in carrying his arguments and policies through what will be a tough period.

If this, indeed is true, I’m sure the majority of us would welcome the move.

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Written by curly

August 15, 2009 at 7:47 pm

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