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Tebbit goes shooting.

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Lord Tebbit, duck hunt

“If I’m having a bad day with the gun,I tend to imagine the bird is Neil Kinnock, or more recently Cherie Blair, and my aim is guaranteed to improve.” Lord Tebbit

Makes a decent distraction from all of this Tory bashing over the NHS, and the game old bird has one or two more interesting themes in this interview:

“The only occasion I have written to a US president,was when I wrote to George W Bush to suggest that while he was conducting a war on terror, it was a little incongruous to allow himself to be photographed in the company of Mr Adams and Mr McGuinness.”

Conciliation with those who tried their damnedest to murder Norman and his wife in Brighton in 1984 does not appear to be on his agenda yet, and who can blame him? Further, he still waits for a sign that David Cameron’s leadership of the Conservative Party has some sort of idealogical signpost and that he has some far reaching “vision” about where to take Britain.

“I think it is highly probable that David Cameron will become prime minister, but not inevitable. I am not clear in my mind where he wants to lead. My only hope is that his famous remark that he saw himself as the heir to Blair will not be borne out.”

And so say all of us.

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Written by curly

August 15, 2009 at 7:31 pm

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  1. My aim would have been pretty good had I had Margaret Thatcher in sight! Furthermore,I suspect that there were more of my generation and background than those of Lord Tebbit’s got on their bikes. Indeed,tomorrow I shall be welcoming back my family from Vancouver who reluctantly crossed the pond. Hardships Lord Tebbit!You don’t know what hardships are.

    mrs. doasyouwouldbedoneby

    August 22, 2009 at 10:33 pm

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