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Cameron must not miss the opportunity

When the next general election is held, and the most common assumption is that it will be on 6th. May next year, there will be one of the heaviest upheavals and turnaround of MPs that we have seen since the last war. Quite apart from the fact that the governing party, according to the raft of polls over past months, is likely to lose swathes of seats across the country there are also going to be huge changes in the make up of the Conservative benches after the decimation caused by the expenses scandal. We already know that at least 30 Tory MPs are to stand down or retire (and that number may rise) to be replaced by Parliamentary “greenhorns”, men and women without experience of The House of Commons or government, bringing a fresh challenge to David Cameron, who most expect to be charged with the task of forming a new Cabinet.It is highly possible (even probable) that he may have a Parliamentary Party of around 350 MPs, of which around only 100 will have previous experience, and if he were to compose his government in the roughly the fashion of the present Brown administration then, as Michael Brown points out today, just about all of those returning MPs could expect a telephone call from the new PM asking them to participate in his new government.

Brown’s government has 23 Cabinet ministers and over 70 MPs serving as junior ministers in one capacity or another, as his government has grown so has the need for more outsiders drawn from business and other areas to sit as peers to bolster the numbers. If David Cameron were to fulfill a Tory philosophy of providing smaller government there would be no better opportunity than the first week after the election to radically change the face of British politics by sweeping away a third of the size of his administration, merging departments, creating new departments, and reducing the numbers of MPs and peers supporting the centre (Mandelson’s empire is ripe for dismantling). As an indication of his intent to reduce the burden of politics placed upon the British people and provide slimmer, sleeker, more efficient and cheaper administration which could be mirrored in the broader economy it would be a master stroke.

As he wrestles with the greater challenge of fixing our debt ridden economy, and the role of the state within society, there will never be a better chance to stake a claim for smaller government which allows people the freedom and ability to stand on their own two feet and make their way in life without interference by making the most of their abilities and the opportunities presented to them. One would hope that the majority of the new intake of MPs are not so ambitious as to want to immediately climb the “greasy pole” at Westminster, but are more concerned with representing their constituents whole heartedly, and holding  a smaller government to account, challenging and probing suspect legislation in a manner which previous Parliaments were able to achieve before the Executive became bloated and over powering.

That is, after all, why we elect them.

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Written by curly

August 27, 2009 at 10:27 am

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    Fantastic option for a new MP in Hampstead and Kilburn. Chris Philp is future Cabinet Minister material in my opinion. Glenda Jackson, your time is up. Chris is untainted by the expenses scandal, and we badly need new MPs to restore trust.


    February 20, 2010 at 10:43 pm

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