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Sometimes you have to wonder

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Just which planet some of these folks are on

Dr Charles Tannock, a former consultant psychiatrist, who has been a Conservative London MEP since 1999 thinks it’s a good idea to charge people £10 to see their GP and then fine others for failing to keep appointments!

I’m all for having a debate about the NHS, but ideas like this are not going to help either raise money for the service or raise popularity for the Conservatives, Andrew Lansley, the shadow health secretary is right to give the proposal a very wide berth.

Isn’t there a general election on the way?

Whilst one little know Conservative MEP makes a nonsensical proposal we learn that a slightly better known and largely disliked politician, the Prime Minister, is prepared to try and take £15 per week in benefits away from some of the poorest in society. By removing their right to hang on to surplus cash in exchange for a reduction in their housing comfort, Labour’s leader is instantly blocking a simple remedy to poverty, in a scheme which actively encourages some competition in the housing market. Those who avail themselves of slightly lesser home comforts can at present keep up to £780 a year of their housing allowance, which to some people can make a massive difference.

Which planet is he on?

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Written by curly

August 28, 2009 at 10:19 am

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  1. Curly, as I understand it, people in places where there are no council accomodation are actually being encouraged to approach private landlonds.

    Take London for an example as it is the largest problem area for council housing, therefore the council have to have a table of rent costings for how much they are prepared to pay a private landlord.

    Currently to my knowledge this can exceed 400 pounds per week in rent paid to the private landlord. Matching a criteria of course, e.g single parent, unemployed with two children, or refugee status with 4 children etc.

    What previously had been offered was the council would ask very nicely “just because you meet the criteria do not look for a property for 500 pounds a week please.”

    But guess what happpend….huge bills for the council/social security!

    At this point the smokey men got together to talk about alternatives to this fraud of her majesty’s government, and decided to bring in a “incentive” to stop people taking the mickey.

    The incentive being “we know, that you know, that we’ll pay 500 pounds a week; so if you find a place for 350 pounds a week we’ll give you a bonus of say, 20 pounds a week.

    So let’s be clear, what their scrapping is people’s rights to abuse an already over-generous system because they chose a property that was less than the council would supposedly pay in the first place.

    All in all not a satisfactory situation but one solution might be to build more council houses which stay in the remit of typical council rents?

    Funny really, as whats been happening is, the council have been caught by the short and curly’s by the private landlords, and it’s obviously proved too painful.


    August 28, 2009 at 7:19 pm

  2. Every time the suggestion of people paying even a token sum to see a GP, have a home visit, or be fined for missing an appointment, I smile. It’s an understandable sentiment – people tend to appreciate more what they pay for – but it’s unworkable.

    Currently only 11% of the population pay for their prescriptions, so just how likely is it that any government could get the other 89% to part with anything extra?

    This policy would be a total vote loser for the Conservative party.

    The Lakelander

    August 30, 2009 at 9:42 am

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