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DBOs just won’t work

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Soviet styled re-education just isn’t the answer

Soviet Russia under the communists had huge leviathan re-education projects housed in labour camps to solve their social and criminal issues, someone in Great Britain is trying to drive us the same way, that same someone hasn’t noticed that after the fall of communism Russia was still a land fed on a diet of vodka.

I think I am in complete agreement with South Shields Cllr. Ahmed Khan (here, here, here, here, and here – sorry but he doesn’t use Twitlonger as much as he could, and I love the final comment)  in opining that the new DBOs (Drinking Banning Orders) just won’t work, the view is similarly held by a proportion of magistrates and policemen who are sick and tired of more lame “initiatives” being introduced during the final months of this already dead Labour government.

Half the trouble with the Russians, of course, was that the vodka fuelled crime, and political dissent, was little more than a reflection of the behaviour of some of it’s leaders. After long periods of repression, pogroms, war, and ruthless control, a bunch of Stalinists could well have been forgiven for soaking themselves every now and then before repeating the process over again until the general populace became entirely sick and tired of it all. The tradition appears to have followed into the post communist regimes when Boris Yeltsin carried the flag on behalf of a nation, and by now, a culture.


So, should we now expect that British politicians will get a better result than the Russians?  You know, those who have thieved from the public with their grandiose expenses claims, taken us to war on the most flimsy of reasons, repressed us with anti-terror laws that chip away at our liberties, watched over us with millions of CCTV cameras, banned us from smoking in public places, told us was is good for us to eat, waged war on motorists, tried to impose ID Cards upon us, dumbed down education to keep our kids out of the labour market, mortgaged us all to the hilt for the next few generations, and generally indulged in some anti-social behaviour of their own. Not bloody likely, as Cllr. Khan suggests, those who indulge in the drunken behaviour will continue to mirror the behaviour of their leaders and thumb their noses at everybody else.

These initiatives and re-education schemes are not designed to work, they aren’t designed to help the streets, they aren’t designed to help law enforcement, they are designed for one reason and one reason alone, and that is to satisfy Labour ministers’ needs to show that they are appearing to be “doing something”, it’s called “getting on with the job”.

Meanwhile, those at the bottom of the pile just won’t even notice – just like Soviet Russia really.

To add insult to injury with this messy little story, the Scottish government wants to impose a minimum price on alcohol, stupid people! Don’t they realise that they cannot, it would be illegal, their power to do so was ceded away to Brussels a long time ago.

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Written by curly

August 31, 2009 at 10:11 am

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  1. while on the subject of the u.s.s.r. and re-education..

    check out barrack obastard (bastard obama), he wants to introduce “re-education projects” to kids in the classroom, teaching them his opinions and brand of politics (and nothing else) a politics that wants to disarm americans, hiring thugs to bully those who disagre with his (obamas) ideas, having an alliance with the black activist group “black panthers” who intimidated voters at the voting booths trying to coerce them into voting for obama, making sorry speeches to the whole of the moslem world who have proven themselves to be enemies of not only the u.s.a. but the whole western world, appointing czars, one of who was convicted for tax evasion and is now in charge of the treasury, another czar who was a known marxist (fact: obama himself is a fan of marxism) with criminal activities now in charge of “green” issues, (says a lot about obamas integrity). obamas overzealous spending which has spiralled america into an abyss that they may never climb back out of, trillions of dollars in debt, (a deficit of 180 billion in the month of july alone) and trillions more in debt to come if obama gets his way, a healthcare system that many americans dont want and they are branded as unamerican and as nazis for simply disagreeing with obamas plans, people in the “house” meetings are being stifled and told their opinions/rights are not wanted, (when a government of a democratric country stops listening to the people, that government is no longer a democratic system, it is a dictatorship [tell that to gordon brown as well]). obama wants to build his own civillian national army (while disarming the american public)…

    obama, a well spoken voice that delivers impressive speeches, oozing out a charasmatic intelligence with every word, but god forbid if his “teleprompter” showing his speech stuffs up, then he becomes a jibbering idiot, he cant remember what comes next in hs speech, he just “ums and aahs” for as long as the teleprompter takes to work properly again, this is a good indication that he is mostly talking out of his arse and cant remember his own lies…

    yes, a jibbering idiot best describes obama.

    america, the new u.s.s.r.

    not neccasarily communist, but definitely an “obamist” dictatorship..

    if any u.s. president ever deserved to be assassinated, its obama…


    as for “the Scottish government wants to impose a minimum price” on alchohol…

    australia wants to introduce a “sin tax” aimed at health reducing products, a packet of 30 cigarettes could go up as high as $20 within 3 years, they want to charge more for “fast foods” and of course, they want to impose a “minimum price on alchohol…

    where do these bastards come up with these revenue raising tax scams ?

    and why has australia and scotland both proposed a virtually word for word statement of “a minimal price on alchohol” ?

    the g20 summit comes to mind, are all the leaders giving each other ideas ?
    or perhaps the ideas are coming from one group telling our leaders how to rip more tax out of their constituents ?

    i dont know much about “the new world order”, but i imagine that some might say that these political summits may be the first wheels in motion…

    and if so, the bullshit that england is going through because of brown, and the treachory that america is experiencing from obama may well spread to the rest of the world.

    and if that happens, and you havn’t got a gun, get one.

    madmarvin/jarrow pete

    September 1, 2009 at 7:17 am

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