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Two odd things

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Cat amongst the pigeons time

First of all I find it odd that the BNP should shed it’s macho image and fail to resist a legal move forcing them to rewrite their constitution, thus allowing non Caucasians not of Anglo Saxon stock to enter their ranks. Griffin must be in a state of  shock today and some of his members must surely be itching for a showdown. However if a court case might financially ruin his party then one can understand this sudden move towards pragmatism, but steady on chaps do you know of any coloured members of your communities queuing up to join the BNP?

Thought not.

The second odd thing is that John Bercow, the Speaker of the House of Commons is to face what could be a very strong challenge at the next election from Nigel Farage who is reported to be quitting as leader of UKIP to concentrate on his bid to become a member of the House of Commons. Odd because one wasn’t expecting Farage to give on Europe so easily and also because he hasn’t looked like the sort of chap who might be prepared to break with the age old convention that ordains the Speaker with a job for life (normally Speakers are elected unopposed and stand as “The Speaker” rather than the representative of a political party). That convention held fast until recent years when Speaker Martin was opposed in Glasgow North East .

Bercow, of course, has courted a lot of controversy in the Conservative Party having a Labour supporting wife and the support of the Labour back benches during his march towards the Chair. Over the past few years his views have almost merged with the Blairite wing of the Labour Party and many Tories felt as though he was straying from “the line” on many an occasion. Although he has a large majority in Buckingham, Farage too has a respectable personal standing in the area and has twice won the affections of the more traditionalist wing of the Tories in his EU campaigns for UKIP, so his challenge could prove to be very interesting indeed.

I consider that many will be prepared to give Mr. Farage their support in the next general election, and if he is successful we may see the odd situation of two Speakers being forced out of the chair within a twelve month period, one by his colleagues in the House of Commons and the other by the electorate, this could be quite fascinating to watch as it unfolds (and if it happens, then cue more restorative work to Speaker’s house at our expense).

Two oddities that will put the cat amongst the pigeons.


Tory Bear has designed a nice poster that Farage could use.

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Written by curly

September 4, 2009 at 9:37 am

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