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A soggy sparkler on Bonfire Night

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Campaign to save election night.

First off this is not a Conservative campaign, it’s just that Eric Pickles has something to say about it, and it just happened to be kicked off by Jonathan Isaby at Conservative Home, but many others are apparently joining in. All because some silly councils don’t want to hold the count on election night at the next general election. They’d rather secret the ballot boxes away (securely) and count them on the Friday – damned cheek of it. As Pickles says it would be like a “soggy sparkler on Bonfire Night.”

Crikey I’ve sat up all night for just about every general election that I can remember, I’ve even made a point of booking a day holiday in advance for the Friday and if I’m feeling opportunistic or celebratory booked two days just in case! What the hell do these people think they are playing at? I grew up listening to the Dimblebys and Bob MacKenzie, Robin Day and Brian Walden, laughed and chortled at Peter Snow’s arms waving around like a windmill on a WD40 overdose, and knowing who had won before the sun rose. Do we really, really want to hang around until Friday afternoon to get the result? Join the campaign to save election night if you will, it’s just a pity that they decided to set up a campaign on Facebook which I recently got out of to avoid the silly games and memes.

Not that we should be expecting any earth shattering shocks in South Shields, but the sight of David Miliband in a terrified sweat at midnight might be something to remember!

Guido of course is correct, in this day and age with the digital power of technology, we ought to be able to know the result within minutes of the polls closing, but that would take away half of the drama.

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Written by curly

September 8, 2009 at 6:42 pm

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