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Mandy to face protestors

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South Shields visit sparks action

I understand that when Lord Mandelson arrives in South Shields for the Labour Party’s annual “lecture” at Harton Technology College on 23rd October with the Foreign Secretary David Miliband, he will be met and greeted with a protest from the Stop the War Coalition.

Whilst not sympathising with their broad politics I am getting increasingly concerned at the loss of British lives in the two campaigns we are involved in. We still seem to have no exit strategy for Iraq and the recent campaign in Helmand province, Afghanistan, to secure a free and fair election does not appear to have achieved it’s aims. Karzai appears to be on the verge of being elected in a ballot as rigged as that recently held in Iran!

William Hague the Conservative Shadow Foreign Secretary has said:

“Britain, the U.S. and other Nato allies provided security so that the election could take place. Britain increased its troops in Afghanistan specifically to help ensure that Afghan people could cast their votes fearlessly. For this, our troops have paid a price in blood.”

If the next Afghan government is compromised and built on corrupt electoral practices, there will be little support for us, too. Given the widespread reports of irregularities, we believe that Nato governments, including the U.S. and Britain, cannot remain on the sidelines.”

If this election is proved to have been won with widespread fraudulent methods then we must commit to a re-run, then commit to a timetable leading to a withdrawal to allow the Afghan people to run their own affairs and provide for their own security. I cannot accept that we must keep spilling British blood because the Prime Minister tells us that our streets will be safer, I happen to believe our home security will improve immensely once we have negotiated the difficult path of withdrawal.

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Written by curly

September 10, 2009 at 6:20 pm

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  1. […] Smithson is almost asserting that the “Prince of Darkness”, Lord Mandelson, (who is due in South Shields on Friday to give the annual lecture to the Labour Party this week) is gradually moving his support […]

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