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Delyth Morgan needs to be vetted

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Quarter of adults in England, Wales, or Northern Ireland expected to be vetted by new agency.

The Independent Safeguarding Authority, an Orwellian name if I’ve ever heard one, should start by vetting Children’s Minister Delyth Morgan to determine whether or not she is a safe person to be introducing or supervising legislation in this country as we move ever closer to an age where we are all deemed guilty until proven innocent. She also needs vetting on her suitability to give a straight answer to a straight question, as demonstrated in her interview with John Humphries on BBC Radio yesterday, you can listen to the interview here.

The setting up of the Independent Safeguarding Authority will destroy the level of trust, that perilously hangs by a thread, between children and adults and between adults and voluntary organisations. It will set in train a theme, a mindset, that says adults are not to be trusted to come into contact with children, adults are a threat, male adults are all sexual predators, and you must all consider yourselves guilty until you can prove your innocence and worthiness to some mandarins operating a “safeguarding scheme” on behalf of the state.  With the threat of huge fines for those who dare to volunteer to help the scouts or the swimming club without the regulation CRB check and the certificate of registration. A registration will cost you £64 if you are a paid member of staff  who has contact with children, volunteers can register for free but will still need to pay for a CRB check, failure to register or failure to notify any change of circumstances could lead to you being fined up to £5000!

This incipient piece of totalitarianism will ensure that all adults are effectively viewed as potential paedophiles, and everyone must prove their innocence, it is totally bizarre, and begs all sorts of questions about how Delyth Morgan wants our relationships with children and teenagers to develop. One suspects that someone somewhere still sees the Girl Guides, the Scouts, the Boys Brigade, the local youth club, the seven a side football team, the Duke of Edinburgh Awards, the creche, the nursery, and our schools as worthwhile enterprises for our children to be involved in, that exercise and physical fitness is a pre-requisite to good health, but how are these bodies going to cope without a high level of volunteer adults to assist them? Who wants to take the risk and the added expense of being added to another huge database held by a state which gives scant disregard to personal digital security? Who now wants to bow their knee and submit to state intrusion just because they agree to walk three or four children to school every morning?

All of this, Ms. Morgan tells us, is to prevent another Soham type murder, oh really? Didn’t Huntley once pass through the hands of another police force who then failed to pass on information to others? No. no. this is another building block that could be used in the hands of an unscrupulous future government to build a totalitarian fascist state, Labour are good at this, they keep doing things to make us safe, keep building databases for our protection, keep tinkering around the edges of legislation to prevent terrorism. All the while a little more of our long confidence in our own beliefs about freedom, personal responsibility, and civil rights, is chipped away until the state owns and controls most of our daily lives.

The Independent Safeguarding Authority will not in any way prevent sexual predators from harming children, the vast majority of these people are close family members living in the family home, but it will ultimately change the way we view each other. If you are a teenager, you will be seen as feral, threatening, violent, and a petty criminal by adults. Children and teenagers will view adults as people not to be trusted, approached, or communicated with, and adults who hold state registration certificates will view other adults as people not safe to be around children.

It won’t be long before before you will be asked to produce a validated certificate before you are allowed to give birth (and then sign another document giving your permission for DNA samples to be taken from the baby)!

Oh, and by the way, this new vetting and barring scheme will cost around £200m pounds to set up and create 1,450 jobs down the road in the marginal Labour seat of Alan Milburn in Darlington.

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(You will note that I have chosen the views of women, rather than men).

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  1. And now the Sunday Times tells us that after becoming a peer and a minister Delyn Morgan bought a holiday house in Wales that has enabled her to claim more than £100,000 in five years for living in the London home in which she already lived. This, of course on top of her £70,000 plus a year salary and the other perks of being a minister.

    Jack Green

    September 20, 2009 at 2:20 pm

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