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What a weekend.

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Out and about.

Enjoyed the weekend trying to visit some of the places not normally freely accessible to families with children as Tyne Wear Heritage Open Days gave us opportunities again, managed to take the children for a good tour around St. Mary’s Lighthouse and island off Whitley Bay, Souter Lighthouse in South Shields, and an interesting afternoon in Bede’s World in Jarrow yesterday. Interesting, in as much as  they’ve probably never had so many visitors in a single day, which shows the value of removing the entrance fees to allow people to get a taste of the place, interesting also to note that whilst some of the buildings presented as huts built in the style and manner as those used in medieval times (thatched and coated in mud and with earthen floors, are actually constructed around steel frames!)

Also photographed a wedding party in South Shields South Marine Park on Saturday and cannot think of a better location for some outdoor wedding shoots in our town, the area around the terrace and bandstand at the top of the park makes some perfect backdrops for the happy day, surprised that the council hasn’t given it a special licence to allow civil weddings to take place there, I’m sure there would be a demand in the summer which could be met with a small marquee or large gazebo (just a thought). The great pity was the weather – far too bright and sunny! A bit of a nightmare to get exacting exposures that were not too contrasty or needed balancing with some fill flash, but it looks like they turned out OK in the end, I’d show you some examples but I think it’s only fair to let the bride and groom see them first.

Caught bits and pieces of Sunderland’s match against Hull City on the radio and was delighted with the thumping that was meted out to Hull, but had to feel just a little sorry for South Shields born Phil Brown, the Tiger’s manager, he cannot have been expecting such a terrific performance from his boyhood favourites. To be sitting in joint sixth place with Liverpool on Saturday night must have felt very satisfying for Sunderland supporters everywhere.

What is less satisfactory is the inevitable inquests in the aftermath of the Westoe by election in South Shields, Karen Allen the Conservative candidate for the general election mirrors what I and others felt about the ability of the local Association to capitalise on others’ misfortunes:

The bulk of the vote Branley haemorrhaged went to the BNP, Lib Dem and Real Independent, with our Conservative candidate and Association Chairman gaining only a 3.2% swing. I think we have to be real in accepting this says a lot about the work the Conservative Party needs to do in the North East.

We should also acknowledge it shows the disenchantment the electorate surely has towards the Government – Labour with the basis of its existing councillors and indeed council leader, should have been enable to scoop up the Independent vote in the ward; but they failed to do this.

We need to capitalise on the dwindling Labour support in South Shields and show Conservatives can offer what the other parties cannot. We must not turn away votes.

Only two teams made a good fist of canvassing the ward, you cannot get your message across without talking to the voters, and you cannot achieve that without knocking on doors, inevitably the result went the way of the team that had the combination of the greatest hunger for success and the greater expenditure before the election was called.
Still overlooking restructural and decorative works at home so posts may be a bit thin on the ground this week, and sometime in the near future this PC will have to be disconnected from the internet and relocated in a different room, so I may be away fro a couple of days.

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Written by curly

September 14, 2009 at 9:35 am

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