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Miliband has “pitch” in The Independent

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South Shields MP looking to “the future”

Having read David Miliband’s interview with John Rentoul in The Independent on Sunday you might be excused for thinking that the Foreign Secretary hasn’t gone bananas, but his views illustrate the wider difficulties faced by Labour with Brown at it’s helm. His repeated references to New Labour are coupled with links to “declinism” and unpopular conceptions about the government, Europe, and our attempts to reign in Iran’s nuclear ambitions.

He does not fail to recognise that the debate about the Lisbon Treaty in the country and within the Conservative Party is not one that brings popularity to Labour’s position but he declines to recognise that Brown brought this unpopularity upon “New Labour” by reneging on their manifesto pledge to hold a referendum on the issue of a new European Constitution. Furthermore, as far as the average man in the street is concerned Lisbon is the new Constitution and we weren’t given a chance to have our say by Gordon Brown, it really is as simple as that and David Miliband ought to be big enough to acknowledge it, it was a major signal of New Labour’s “decline” and movement away from “political reform” when the government decided unilaterally that putting a manifesto pledge to one side was the right thing to do.

So we now sit and wait to see what happens in Ireland and how the Czech position plays out, with the hope that in the near “future” a Conservative government will be able to give us the referendum that New Labour failed to execute.

He glossed over the budgetary arithmetic ignoring the fact that our economy is now carrying the weight of more than a few zombie banks as well as the weight of a public debt never before known in the history of this country, higher than that need to finance World Wars! He will know that “the future” includes serious attempts to reign in public spending and attempt to achieve some sort of budgetary balance between tax receipts and services, that future is certain, regardless of whoever wins the general election and no amount of whinnying about when the cuts will take place will change things.

On the world’s nuclear armaments future he denied that the Iranian regime is “playing us for fools”. He said:

“You’ve got real unity and clarity from the international community. And this is the first year of an American administration that wants to be part of an engagement strategy as well as a pressure strategy.”

One suspects that President Obama for all of his attempts at wanting to play a different card to his predecessors will eventually find the pressure building on him from all sides including the US military and more importantly Israel, in short we fools might have to put up with something quite unpalatable.

Miliband’s most important contributions in the interview were the insertions of the words Alan Johnson and Ed Miliband, – yes we can now tell that the Labour Party Conference is upon us and “the future” of New Labour is all about the future of some of it’s component parts, most importantly the ex postman and the two sons of Ralph Miliband the grand old man of Marxist political theory and refugee from the Nazis. It’s as simple as that apparently, and yes even after last year’s preposterous half a bid for the leadership (remember that picture with the banana) the South Shields MP and Foreign Secretary is positioning himself once again for a tilt at the post election leadership campaign to lead Her Majesty’s Opposition against (most likely) his younger brother Ed.

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Written by curly

September 27, 2009 at 10:25 am

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