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Speech of his life? Where does he think We think he’s been for the past twelve years?

I watched the Prime Minister’s speech to the gathered faithful in Brighton this afternoon in its entirety feeling as though if the music and video had carried on instead of his droning Caledonian brogue it would have felt just like Magic (that’s the radio and cable TV station that gives you everything from the sixties, seventies, and more.) After the soppy introduction from his wife Sarah, who must have saved someone else the embarrassment, Gordon was straight into the Rebel Yell like Billy Idol on whizz. He won’t give up, he won’t take no for an answer, time to dig deep within yourselves, stand and fight and win, it wasn’t for the nation, it was for the party, the same party that Alistair Darling had declared  had lost it’s will to live!

Then came a mish mash of announcements, many of which had been previously announced by others before him, repackaged to look new, then a series of spending plans that he knows have no hope of reaching the drawing board, and then the attack upon the Tory party that he would like to face at the election rather than the one he actually will face. There was even a sop to the BNP with a policy announcement already being dubbed in many quarters as “gulags for slags” (harsh and cruel, but not my words.)

He kept banging on about change, change, change – and boy do we need it! No mention of the zombie banks, little reference to the biggest national debt that this country has ever faced in it’s history, no reference at all to the fact that we are in the longest recession since the 1930s with growth down for a fifth successive quarter, no reference to the fact that unemployment will once again be higher at the end of a Labour government than it was at the start. It made you wonder where he thinks we think he’s been for the past twelve years.  Yes change is certainly called for and it cannot come soon enough!

He promised a referendum on an alternative voting system to replace first past the post, ah well I remember the last promise that Labour made on giving us a referendum – we are still waiting for it on the EU Constitution Lisbon Treaty. He promised a national care service and a service that would deliver care for the elderly in their own homes, yet failed to set out exactly who would qualify, or who would pay for it, and how.

Having introduced the idea of “light touch regulation” on the banks and the city, he then tore into them and blamed them for our current difficulties, “Markets need morals” he said (but we may as well forget about Chancellors and Prime Ministers having them too.) He even had the nerve to try and link Cameron and Osborne to the ideology of free markets and big capitalism as though the Blair/Brown project of the past twelve years had given it an extremely wide berth! He called the Tories callous and cold and warned of a return to “cardboard cities”, he may as well have accused them of planning to slay the first born in every household for good measure!

When he talked of a National Investment Corporation I was expecting to hear of the Ten Year Plan to go with it, and a National Reconstruction Board, instead he promised 10000 internships for those who like to work for free! He then tells us that young people will have to stay in education until they are eighteen for at least the next five years (err nothing new about that Gordon) at least it keeps a sizeable group of people out of the jobless queue, whilst the few in work can benefit from ever increasing National Minimum Wage levels and greater family tax credits (heaven knows you will be paying for it.)

Then he moves on to anti social behaviour such as getting pregnant when you are no more than a child yourself and getting the keys to a council flat, then going out enjoying that great relaxation in licensing laws that Tony Blair introduced – cafe society and 24 hour drinking. Well its all coming to an end and even local councils will be given powers to revoke the licenses that Labour so cheerily introduced. Bottoms up Gordon!

On health, he plans to eradicate cancer in our society within a generation. Got that? Get rid of cancers which have probably been the most common killers of ageing men and women since the human race began. Boy am I so glad that Gordon wants us all to live for ever in his utopian dream, and all at a stroke!

As he finished, I wanted the music to return, I wanted it really badly, I wanted to sing along with gusto

Those who find they’re touched by madness
Sit down next to me

Sadly, in what seemed like another flashback to the eighties we were entertained by M People “movin’ on up and movin’ on out.” It was all indicative of Labour and Brown’s inability to connect with reality and detect today’s aspirations, the only thing that he got right is the message that we want change, they just don’t realise how much.

There was lots of clapping and applause, but looking around there weren’t many smiles today, perhaps a realisation that they were trying to have a party, trying to have good time, but knowing that they were drinking in the Last Chance Saloon.

Tory Chairman Eric Pickles had this to say:

“This was a speech with no vision and no argument – just a long shopping list with no price tag. Gordon Brown continues to treat people like fools. He didn’t acknowledge the mistakes he has made or that his Government has run out of money.

“He talked about change and a new age – but this speech was full of the same old political attacks and was firmly stuck in the past.”

Oh and this is what their supporters at Labour Home thought of it all.
And so, the show moves to Manchester next week when David Cameron’s Conservatives have to start to “seal the deal” with the nation, they need to appear ready to govern, they need to be prepared to govern in very difficult circumstances (Brown will make sure of that), and they need to able to answer the big questions on the economy, the national debt, education and health, defence and the two campaigns in Irag and Afghanistan, and crucially the one that is off the agenda, the EU.

We’ll see how the polls look in a couple of weeks.

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Written by curly

September 29, 2009 at 10:33 pm

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  1. I was so sad to see the end of the Labour party, not an election, but I think for ever.
    labour has died what will come back might be newer labour sadly it will be nothing like we know.

    Brown will write a book make a few quid but he will go down as the worse leader of any party.

    And Mandy mate we are listening the thing is you have nothing to say.


    September 29, 2009 at 11:36 pm

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