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Miliband lined up as EU “Foreign Minister”

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Plan B in case Blair does not become El Presidente.

Just imagine that this is true, and that the South Shields MP and Foreign Secretary David Miliband had to resign his seat in Parliament to take up the powerful position of No. 1 air traveller for the citizens of the EU(SSR), irrespective of the increase in the  size of his carbon footprint, just who would South Shields Labour Party choose as their preferred candidate to replace him in the House of Commons?

Common perceptions in local political circles suggest that Cllr. Iain Malcolm the Leader of South Tyneside Borough Council would sorely fancy his chances of becoming Labour’s PPC, but that would leave a difficult vacancy to fill at Council level at a time when they are already half a man short (Irene Lucas, the former Chief Executive is about to start work in a government department) it might also spark the ambitions of Cllr. Michael Clare to lead the Council. Labour in the north east have also been keen to positively promote all female short lists at selection committee meetings to boost the representation of female candidates, whilst there are also moves to try and find safe seats for some of Gordon Brown’s bag carriers in 10 Downing Street, but this is the reason why David Miliband represents South Shields so it would be difficult to believe that the party’s higher echelons would try the same same tactic again.

Things could turn very interesting indeed if the Czech President fails to hold out against the burgeoning EU machine, –  in the process getting David Cameron off the hook, – and signs the Lisbon Treaty with a human rights charter opt out clause  in his back pocket. If this happens, then the EU will move quickly to confirm a President of the Council and a High Representative for the Common Foreign and Security Policy. Originally it was their intention to have the two super important (and highly paid) posts filled by the end of this month, but it is conceivable that a Czech climbdown could see the deals being done before the end of the year. Now, and we are indeed being hypothetical here, if the gathered heads of Europe decide that Tony Blair is not the man for them, firstly I would roll around on the floor in fits of laughter, and secondly I may just sit up in a sharp shock as they announce that Miliband the Elder is about to become one of the world’s most powerful politicians.

If it happens there may have to be a by election in South Shields before the next general election, although it is more likely that the seat would remain vacant until such time as Gordon Brown runs out of road. So there is the possibility that South Shields Conservative Karen Allen, Labour’s new candidate, and those others who want to join the fray, may face each other twice in a short period.

But that all depends on Czech President Vaclav Klaus running out of nerve and allies, Patrick Hennessy and Bruno Waterfield being right for the Telegraph, and Tony Blair suddenly becoming persona non gratis to people like Sarkozy, Merkel, Barroso, Zapatero and de Sousa!

Stranger things have happened.

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