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There is great worry about the land

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Somethings are just not right.

That bastion of libertarianism and downright course bad language, The Devil’s Kitchen, has disappeared off the interwebz and can no longer be found on his normal server, for now only the cache is accessible, this has all happened since the early hours of this morning. All quite inexplicable, although I doubt that it has anything at all to do with Brian Micklethwait’s post on Monday. Certain other parts of the interwebz hosted on DK’s server still seem to be working, so perhaps this is only a temporary fault in service.

Nation of Shopkeepers seems to have shut shop too, and it looks more permanent, whilst His Grace Archbishop Cranmer wrote on Friday what appeared to look like a cryptic cyber-suicide note, his long passed spirits were remarkably low and many of us feared the worst. Luckily he is back in his coffin pulpit today, but sadly still greatly troubled and appealing for funds to help him right a wrong, he says:

“a gross injustice and an offence against all that is right and true needs to be challenged, and the costs are acutely material as well as profoundly emotional”

whilst maintaining that he is not being sued, and is not accused of any crime (although it would be difficult to make a charge stand against someone who was burned at the stake in 1556.) The old boy is clearly troubled and there are many out there prepared to help him materially in his fight. These are strange and troubled times.

It seems to me that troublesome things are happening to troublesome people – have the righteous finally got to them? Or has the world just gone topsy turvy since the Prime Minister designate insisted upon all female shortlists for those seats to be vacated by troughing Tory MPs? Which begs another question – what is the value of an open primary if it is not open to both sexes?

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Written by curly

October 21, 2009 at 7:52 pm

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