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Election night results

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Public deserves to know who will govern

There is a lot of concern that the result of the next election may not be known on the Thursday night, as we are accustomed to,  many councils are deciding to hold counts on the following day. This is quite preposterous, we have managed for decades to count the votes and declare the results on the night.

Conservative party chairman Eric Pickles said:

“I think it is a dreadful thing.

“The amount of money that might be saved is miniscule and I think this is all about putting politics in its place.

“It is all about the convenience of some highly-paid returning officers. I am not impressed and neither is the British public.

“If chief officers aren’t able to organise a count on a Thursday evening, they should be wondering whether are good enough to do the job. It could indeed mean that we are without a Government for a day, but the main point is that the British public decide.

“We have always had a count on a Thursday and people like to know whether the Government is there or not.”

Nationally, 27 constituencies will not hold counts until the day after and decisions in more than 80 seats have not yet been made According to the Newcastle Journal, South Shields Constituency is amongst those still undecided, which surprises me immensely.

Surely Mr. Scott and his team have the information, experience, and know how to make a decision, surely they want to have the constituency declare who it’s MP shall be before the following morning? What on earth could be holding them back from following the traditional form and organisation that they have used in the past?

We are hardly out in the sticks with transport difficulties!

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Written by curly

October 29, 2009 at 11:20 am

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