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stephen hughesEuro MP thinks David Miliband will be High Representative

Stephen Hughes the Labour MEP for Tyneside (pictured) is also the deputy leader of the socialist group in the European Parliament and in an article penned in the Journal by William Green he expresses his near certainty that the South Shields MP will become Europe’s Foreign Minister.

“We were approaching David Miliband a week ago and would he be willing to put his name forward. At that time he was being a bit coy. He was being reluctant because the full focus was on trying to get Tony Blair the position of the president of the council.

“It is now clear there is no prospect of Tony Blair getting the presidency of the council. I am glad that David Miliband has allowed his name to go forward for the position of high representative.

I would put my money on David Miliband. He has an outstanding reputation in Brussels and he is regarded as a very safe pair of hands on the world stage.”

I hope Mr. Hughes is a betting man, just to put Harriet Harman in her place, but seriously if Miliband is proposed for and accepts the post of EU High Representative, along with all the adornments that go with it, then South Shields is likely to face two elections in a short period. We will  need a by election to send a new MP to Parliament then a few months later a general election will pit the same set of candidates against each other all over again, these procedures will add to the financial strains on local political parties already struggling to raise campaign funds in the midst of a deep recession.

If David Miliband is such a dead cert, I don’t suppose he’ll be that bothered that the begging bowls have to come out in South Shields.

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Written by curly

November 3, 2009 at 11:27 am

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